Secular Ethicists Weapon to Prove that Homosexuality and Abortion Are Not Morally Wrong

Homosexuality and abortion are only some of the forbidden acts in the society as far as morality is concerned. Many people do condemn these acts since they are against the preconceived notion of the people on morality and they are indeed clear disobedience to the will and law of God. Nevertheless, the issue on these considered immoral acts can be an interesting topic for a rational dialogue as such there are a lot of irony on the premises which tell about the morality of homosexuality and abortion.

One of the major concerns that the secular ethicists can throw to the believers to prove that homosexuality and abortion are not morally wrong is the question on the origin or source of the concept of morality as far as the realists point of view is concerned. It is a common notion that an act is considered to be right if and only if it is commanded by God (Pojman  Fieser, 2009). Morality, thus, is considered as the will and command of God.

Nevertheless, Gods existence is still questionable to most of the people who dont just believe to the encryption in the Bible. Some argued that to be able for them to believe in God, they must see Him with their very eyes. This goes with the common notion of the realists that to see is to believe. But no one can really tell that he or she has already seen God. Therefore no one can testify that the existence of God is true since no one has the chance to have face to face encounter with God. Hence, morality makes no sense since the existence of God is until now not concretely proven and justified as far as the philosophy of the realists is concerned. According to Pojman and Fieser (2009), ethical principles are simply the commands of God (p. 171). But if the existence of God is still a question left partially answered, the ethical issues on morality can also be considered as a big question mark.

The concept on faith about the existence of God is not really a guarantee that there is really a God who created the people and all the things on Earth. Faith can be associated only to the works of the imaginative minds of the people. There might be a chance that people do believe to God because it is the preconceived notion to their minds from their birth. There is indeed a great possibility that their notion to the existence of God is only a thing which was taught to them since their existence to the world.

In this sense, it can be argued that homosexuality and abortion are to be considered permissible since it can be regarded that morality is a non sense thing. Because the origin of this notion is not to be concretely proven yet, it is justified to consider that the perception of morality is not true. Morality, in this light, can be regarded as invalid since the origin of this will and command does not exist and can be only considered to be created by the minds of the people.

Another argument about the issue on homosexuality and abortion as immoral acts is the credibility of the religious institutions to maintain and sustain the very concept of morality that the religious sectors have built up for years. British philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) regarded that religion has no useful contributions to the civilizations and it only brought sufferings to the people (Pojman and Fieser, 2009). In addition, he also stated that morality does not need God or religion because man has the ability to realize and fill his life with natural meaning and goodness. Therefore, it is not really religion that builds the very concept of morality in the inner self of the human beings. The human beings have the ability to identify which is right or which is wrong even without the aid of divine intervention. Because of this, human beings have also the ability to view homosexuality and abortion as morally right since they have the ability to define morality.


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