Is there truth in Philosophy

Truth, quite simply, is that which pertains to a correct perception of reality. And according to Aristotle, one arrives at a truthful perception of reality when one say(s) of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not. Truth is thus achieved when ones perception of reality coincides with the exact nature of that which is described. Philosophy, meanwhile, is a particular branch of knowledge which devises the proper approaches so as to arrive at the truth, and on to nothing else. In fact, Heraclitus contended that truth  or to perceive things according to what and how they really are  is the highest good which Philosophy must aspire.

There is surely merit in asking whether or not there is any truth in Philosophy, if essentially, it is only an endeavor that seeks to unravel the truthful perception and interpretation of reality a mere means towards an end. The answer is definitely yes for whereas Philosophy is but a means to achieving a truthful end, it can, in itself, be considered a truthful science.  Hundreds after hundreds of men and women have long endeavored to shed light into what constitutes the truth about our human existence, our world, our destiny, as indeed our origin and end. And volumes after volumes of works have been written for this purpose each presenting different facets of truth, each unraveling different answers to question. All of them propose to take reality according to a particular point-of-view and all of them are truthful in their own right.

In my opinion, Philosophy is not just about offering correct answers to enduring questions about our life, purpose and destiny. It is also about adopting the right approaches to enable us to ask the right questions, all because we desire to be educated. Aristotle and Heraclitus are right i.e., truth is the supreme good which Philosophy must aspire. And if in asking the right questions, we are led to realize the truth about our human existence, the world we live in, and our purpose, then Philosophy serves the noble purpose of elucidating our enduring questions.  Thus, insofar as Philosophy acts as an aid towards arriving at a correct perception of reality, I am of the firm opinion that it does make a lot of good sense.


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