You or Your Clone

Cloning is a form of genetic engineering in which the DNA of a person, animal, plant, or even a bacterium is used to produce a perfect or near-perfect genetic replica of the original. True cloning is the creation of a genetic twin of the original organism. Unlike naturally occurring twins, the twin is younger than the original, but it carries the same genetic make up as the original.

What makes an individual distinct is their personality. Personality depicts the unique side of an individual, their characteristic traits, strengths and weakness, how they tend to act and react to different situations, their habits, religious values, and their general perspective towards life.

It may be difficult to impersonate someone but it is not impossible. If one had an identical clone, then personality cannot be used solely as means of telling them apart. The only sure way of distinguishing an individual from another is through fingerprints. It has been scientifically proven that there is no human being who bears the same fingerprints as another. It is impossible to replicate fingerprints .

The human chromosome is composed of many repeated 15-nucleotide segments known as mini-satellites.  These segments (mini-satellites) vary greatly and are unique in every person. The DNA from any individual will form a unique pattern of mini-satellites, a fingerprint. The probability that two persons will have the same fingerprints is one in ten billion. Incidentally, fingerprints are modified in the womb by differences in pressure on the fingertips, and other organs during development.

Therefore, with regards to the original question as to how one would tell me apart from my apparent clone, the only effective solution would be to undergo DNA fingerprint tests.


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