Philosophy Readings

Philosophy rests on a multifaceted foundation. Indeed, in the history of the West, philosophy is often viewed as an appendage of wisdom. However, it should be noted that philosophy developed out of speculations to which we today refer as irrationalities. What is the connection of philosophy to rationality (Questions of Epistemology).

    The truth is often associated with the moral or the rational. Christianity defined truth as absolute divine existence. In epistemological sense, the definition of truth varies from one perspective to another. What is then the meaning of truth (Do you swear to tell the truth)

    The primary difference between truth and beauty is that the former rests on rationality while the latter rests on aesthetic judgment. However, in many instance, beauty is associated with rationality  rationality being treated as a manifestation of aesthetic judgment What is then the difference between truth and beauty (Is Truth Beauty and Beauty Truth)

    Moral secularism seemed to be a driving force of human development. This is in contrast with religious secularism which retards growth and innovation. In western axiology, the test of moral ascendancy is dependent on outcome rather than cause. Can religious secularism a force for development (Historical Interlude)

    In its pure sense, materialism holds that the only thing which exists is matter. The extreme view of materialism states that the existence of man is determined by material factuality. If this is the case, what is then the purpose of materialism

    If something works, then it is true. If an entity affects another entity, then it is real. Regardless of materiality, an object or entity can be real or true. Apparently, however, there are material objects which do not meet these criteria. To what extent truth can be known

    The ontology of being is something which the philosophical mind finds trouble for over two thousand years. Indeed, according to some, being real is being manifested. Other philosophers argued that the essence of reality lies in the nature itself. Can a compromise be reached between these two views


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