Which Were Easy to Relay

The topic is to inform the individual that we are going to the pool and have fun the day after. The following were easy to discuss or relay

First of all, I exhibited a facial expression that is too happy. The friend I was having non-verbal communication easily understood that what I am talking about will be fun, happy, and without stress.
Second, I also used sense of touch to convey the message that I was very excited about it. She sensed it easily because I even shook her shoulders. She just knew that what I was planning was something extremely exciting.

Last but not least, through my body motions, she knew that I feel extreme excitement, happiness, etcetera already. I could not sit still whenever I would feel too excited I stand up again and hold her shoulders like saying Come on Lets go

Topics Which Were Difficult to Convey
On the other hand, there were topics that were a little difficult to relay
For instance, it was difficult on my part to tell her that she cannot bring her boyfriend to the swimming party because it is a girl thing and only females are allowed to join in the fun. It was difficult on my part because I dont know what strategy to use or if I would smile or stay serious in telling her this. She got so confused that she just waved her hand at me, meaning she just wants me to stop because she could not understand anything.

In addition to that, it was also a bit difficult to tell her that I would like her to fetch me at my place because my car broke and nobody else will be able to pick me up since everyone comes from the North while were the only ones coming from the South. She just nodded in the end because it was difficult for her to respond to anything I was trying to convey. After that she just stopped interacting for about three minutes or so.

Also, I was not able to convey to her my message that after the party, I would not accompany her in going home because my boyfriend will fetch me and we will go see a movie. I tried my best here but I never really knew to get my message through to her.

Maintaining Silence
It was difficult to maintain silence.
First of all, I was too excited about the party and I know she will be as well and not being able to convey the message in a normal manner made it really difficult. It would be faster if I just used words but then I was obliged to relay the message through non-verbal cues.
In addition to the aforementioned, it was not easy because I was a bit impatient. It is not my nature to speak about one topic only and tackle that for the entire fifteen minutes. This is why during that fifteen-minute silence I was tempted many times to just state the good news in a normal manner.

Frustration of My Friend
My friend got frustrated when she could not understand the last three messages I wished to convey. The messages which I had difficulty conveying were difficult to understand and discuss for her as well while the ones which I was able to make her understand were easy for her to respond to.

Fortunately, despite the excruciating difficulty of conveying messages through non-verbal cues, my friend and I did not stop interacting and watched the clock instead. Although she asked me to stop and she stopped interacting twice during the fifteen-minute duration of the non-verbal discussion.  


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