The Effect of Music in the Learning of College Students University of the Philippines Baguio, Baguio City

Music is a science and art of tones a melody harmonious to the ears. Music is a creative form of auditory communication integrating instrumental tones in an orderly and continuous manner this is any agreeable or pleasing sound. Music can do many things, in different ways. There will be one hundred participants who will be given questionnaires which will help identify and support the hypothesis that is, Music helps in the learningstudy habits of the college students. The data will be studied and analyzed. The results will show that most of the students are helped in their learning process by listening to music.

The Effect of Music in the Learning of College Students
Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents. --Ludwig van Beethoven. We all know how greatly music affects our feelings and energy levels Without even thinking about it, we use music to create desired moods-- to make us happy, to enjoy movement and dance, to energize, to bring back powerful memories, to help us relax and focus. Music is a powerful tool for our personal expression within our daily lives-- it helps set the scene for many important experiences (Brewer, 1995).

Music has the ability to facilitate language acquisition, reading readiness, and general intellectual development to foster positive attitudes and to lower truancy in middle and high school to enhance creativity and to promote social development, personality adjustment, and self-worth (Hanshumaker, 1980). Music belongs with the three Rs as a model for the educated person. Indeed, studies show that children who study music also do better in other subjects than children who are not getting a music education.

Neuro-psychologists do not know why musically trained kids do better on academic tests, yet they do. But perhaps more importantly, music adds a special and beautiful element to a childs life, and it enriches that life permanently. Music is the gift of a lifetime (Vervalin, 2004). Music also changes your mood. You can use music to keep up your morale and productivity in difficult circumstances. Its not easy to maintain a positive outlook at work these days with heavy workloads and widespread layoffs. Stay upbeat despite the stress and breeze through the workday. Music not only lifts you out of negativity, it creates a bubble of sanity in which you can perform at your peak (Peck, 2009).

The proposed study will measure the effectiveness of Music in the learning and studying habits of the students. This test differs from other conducted related researches because it will focus on descriptive measures and the study will be based on the number of students who believe that Music helps in their learning and studying habits. The proposed study centers only on college students. The data will help in proving our proposed hypothesis and identifying the useful effects of Music in the society.

There are two hypotheses generated. The first one is Music helps effectively in learning of the college students. The second one is Music does not help in the learning of the college students. The first one is our working hypothesis that will help us prove the effects of Music in learning and the results will show that definitely Music is effective.


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