Habitat for Humanity International

Community service is one of the ways through which people can show appreciation for what they are and what they have received from the society by deliberately giving back to the community. Community service can therefore be in the form of material support, financial aid, service, or a combination of the three. The main motive behind community service and behind every organization engaged in community service is to ensure that the community is able to get services or assistance for free which are either expensive to get normally or the people being served are not able to afford them. Based on this, it is easier to analyze a community service project or organization. This paper critically discusses Habitat for Humanity International, a leading provider of community services in the country and beyond.

Habitat for Humanity Mission
This organization was founded with the sole mission of ensuring that people without proper housing or those who could not find access to any housing at all were helped to get houses which, though not as costly as the other houses, were able to serve as good homes for many people. The organization has the mission of ensuring that everyone has access to affordable housing regardless of ones status in society or level of income (Habitat for Humanity, 2010). In order to achieve this, Habitat for Humanity ensures that it sources for labor from volunteers and uses this labor to set up housing units or habitats in different locations in the country and abroad so that needy people are able to get access to some form of housing. This organization is a not-for-profit and non-governmental one, and works by ensuring that it does not charge any interest on the homes it constructs because it uses free labor from volunteers. The Habitat homes are exceedingly low-priced that it is cheaper for people to pay for them per month than it costs them to pay rent for other rental property (Habitat for Humanity, 2010).

The defining factor of Habitat for Humanity is that the organization does not give free homes at all. Instead, one in need of a home needs to just pay the value of what was actually put into constructing of the house. No interest is charged by the organization within the United States although interest is charged elsewhere (Habitat for Humanity, 2010). In essence, the organization is like a mortgage lender only that it is much cheaper and easier to get a home with .The organization has also made it its mission to ensure that it restores habitats for people who have been affected by natural disasters which usually leave them without any kind of habitat. In response to this, the organization has been instrumental in providing homes for people affected by hurricanes.  Apart from seeing to it that as many people as possible are helped to get homes, the organization uses its Collegiate Challenge to get volunteers in schools to serve in construction work that lasts up to a week (Habitat for Humanity, 2010).

Habitat for Humanity International has offices virtually in every city around the country and accessing them is not problematic. This is a strategy they have used to ensure they reach as many people as possible (Habitat for Humanity, 2010). They also have a website where people can post their comments. The organization has the mission of giving people who need to volunteer their services a real good chance to do so, allowing them to train and then take part in its Global Village Trips. The organization also provides the avenues for alternative and cheaper utilities for its home owners such as solar power. It runs retail outlets where used and new material for building is sold. The role it plays in the community is just indispensable (Habitat for Humanity, 2010).

Qualification, Service, and Rating Effectiveness
In order for one to qualify to get a house from the organization, one has to be in a need warranting a house be able or demonstrate an ability to be able to pay back the mortgage, and show the willingness to seek to partner with the organization (Habitat for Humanity, 2010). Visiting the organization was a great experience - their staff is always willing to help. They warmly welcome all visitors and never at all discriminate or act in awkward ways. Nothing real struck me as strange or was unexpected. Everything done was business-like and official. The organization has succeeded in making the life of many homeless people more bearable by giving them affordable homes. It has also given people chance to volunteer their resources, including labor and finances (Habitat for Humanity, 2010).

Successes and Challenges
The fact that it has managed to help victims of Katrina and other hurricanes is pointer to its success and particularly ability to respond to needy situations.  The challenges of the organization have ranged from failure by needy people to cooperate with them, making it hard for the organization to rate them well enough. The other challenge is the shortage of funds to set up homes, and sometimes it is hard to get volunteers (Habitat for Humanity, 2010).

On the whole, this is one of the best organizations I have ever come across as far as charity is concerned. This is because it is highly effective and the approaches it has employed to reach its customers are all effective and work wonderfully. Transparency is up to standard and the fact that the founders were honored by former President Jimmy Carter for their efforts is proof enough that this is a helpful organization. I believe it has so well managed to put smiles on people who previously had nowhere to call home.

Here is a summary of Habitat for Humanity International as I assessed it on a past visit at their LA offices

The organization has as its mission the need to ensure that people who are really in need of habitats, specifically housing, are provided with affordable houses at no interest. It also aims to give a chance to college students and other people to volunteer andor offer their services for the good of the less privileged in society. It also seeks to aid people affected by natural disasters establish their homes or to get new homes and pay for them later.

Service Delivery
Habitat for Humanity International offers some of the best services by any charity organization. It serves people well and the order of merit is followed strictly.

The successes of the organization include its handling victims of natural disasters like Katrina by enabling them to get homes faster. It has also managed to reduce poverty levels across the country through giving homes to people who otherwise could not afford normal mortgages.

Habitat for Humanity International faces many challenges. The common ones are limited finances to put up more homes for needy people, a lack of people wiling to volunteer in the construction work, and frequent criticisms of the quality of its houses and the supposed no-interest policy. There is also no cooperation from some needy people

The organization is very effective, and operates with a high level of efficiency. The methods it has adopted to identify people to help are foolproof and effective. Its channels used to meet people are very effective as well.


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