To determine whether every individual has legal right to marriage is to establish first the purpose of marriage. Marriage is viewed in different aspects such as spiritually, physiologically, and civilly. In a spiritual and moral sense, marriage is the foundation of a good family which in turn shall compose the basic unit of a stable civilization. Marriage in this sense offers the outlook to share and learn the valuable lessons of love, compassion, faithfulness and self-control between a man and a woman.  In physiological level, the law of marriage is intended for procreation of a well offspring. Lastly, marriage in a civil aspect is intended for the protection of children, their legitimacy and inheritance, for the orderly management of property relations, inheritance, payment of taxes and for other legal matters which the State has made marriage relevant.

Marriage means many things to every individual but the civil aspect of marriage is the most significant because it affects the rights and obligations of every individual entering in the contract of marriage. Marriage provides a vast range of both tangible and intangible protections, rights and other significance of marriage. Nowadays, it becomes more than just an orderly pursuit of happiness because by marriage every couple enjoys vital legal and economic benefits that affect their lives. The advocacy for same sex marriages in many countries is intended for the recognition of equal protection and exercise of rights both economically and socially. Hence the denial of marriage to gay or lesbian couples would deprive them not only social recognition but also the various benefits and protection that the government provides for married couples. In some countries marriage affects the property relations of married couples including the filing of joint tax returns for shared income and property. As a consequence, couples cohabiting without the benefit of marriage would not be afforded with the same right, hence a refutation of equality. Another reason why couples enter into a marriage contract is to ensure legal protection for their future children. Since nowadays, gay and lesbian couples are attempting to have children either through adoption or artificial insemination, their children must also be given with the same protection especially when it comes to legitimacy and inheritance.

Marriage as a foundation of a good family encourages hard work, compassion, responsibility, expression of love and bearing of legitimate offspring. Without marriage as a foundation of a family and as a basic unit of the society there would be neither civilization nor progress. Such responsibility as noble to our society must be shared to same-sex partners. Taking into considerations all the benefits and protection arising from marriage, it is considered as one of the basic rights of man essential to his existence and survival.  Marriage should not only be treated as a special public status but also a deeper commitment and relationship which allows couples to receive more social and financial support which everyone deserves to have.


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