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1.  Intro to Ethics Ethics and Morality may sound the same but actually, theyre quite different. Ethics mainly depends on our own perspectives. It may not necessarily reach the expectations and rules of the society, but it still is right, for sometimes, we base our action regarding on how other people would react on it. So we must understand that when we talk about ethics, it is about ones belief on what is right and what is wrong, in which, may not be applicable for other people. Morality is simply defined as an acceptable action to the society. This might be affected by some factors like cultural background and religion. However, what is moral may not necessarily be ethical. If a person defies the society for fighting for hisher beliefs, it still is ethical, for heshe followed hisher beliefs, but may be considered immoral to the society if it is not acceptable. On the other hand, ethical views may always be moral views since most of the time, we depend our beliefs on what is right and what is wrong, depending on what we see from society.

2. Ethical Egoism I agree that people should totally pursue for what they think is right. I cant see anything wrong with it as long as other people are not involved in the process. For me, ethical egoism can boost ones confidence and can make a person strive more in life. Moreover, it can serve as a role model to other people, and if many of us would simulate the example, then the world will be filled with strong spirited people. However, some would, no doubt, disagree with this idea. One major problem I think this would encounter is the fact that we can always get what we want and the idea of no pain, no gain is lost. Well, I think that if we always get what we want, well be more appreciative of life and later on, we will realize the importance of hard work. As for the ring in the Myth of Gyges, I guess Ill do what the person in the myth did. Jus like what I said, if Id get everything I want, then Ill be very happy and Ill learn to recognize the value of life more.

3. Euthyphro I was quite convinced by Socrates reasoning regarding the real meaning of holy. However, this reason is only accepted if we will base our study on the Gods of Athens only since in other culture, there is only one God. Regarding the matter about what is holy and what is like by the Gods, these two statements (agreeing on Platos principle) are different. Piety, according to Socrates defense in his trial is his own belief (atheism) that he consider as a definition of holy. He believes in Gods that the society dont so it depends on him to define his piousness. However, when he asked Euthyphro regarding on what is holy for him (considering hes a master in theology) he replied that piety is what is pleasing to the god. This is contradicted by Socrates for the reason that even the Gods dont agree on what is pleasing to all of them. I think what Socrates is trying to say is that holiness is not defined by what the Gods think is pleasing or what the people think is just, because simply, it would be objective if thats the case. And objective reasoning is for him, human level reasoning. He wants to talk of holiness in a divine way.  

4 Kant (1) Yes, there are times that I did lie, but for a reason  I dont want to hurt other people. For example, I know that my friend have some bad characteristics. However, I was bound not to tell this to her since I dont want to hurt her. Instead I told her all her good sides and just hope that someday all the things other people dont like from her would come to her eventually, voluntarily. This example is very common in the society wherein a man cheated on his wife and was forced not to tell the truth to protect the one they love. Yes a lie is a lie but when you did it for a reason, I believe its not anymore. And I believe this is what Kant is trying to say in his theory that in order for something to be moral, you need to have a practical reason in doing it.  (2)  I consider my family as a means and because of them I became more driven in doing the things I do. Whenever I feel like giving up, whenever I think of them, I will suddenly feel good and start moving again. According to Kant, using the right means will let you meet the right ends, therefore in my case, the right end is that I get to value school and other simple things life can give, and most of all, I get to be thankful for my family. He however emphasized that if the ends only involve one person then it is not reasonable, in my case, my family would reciprocate my feelings for they will be happy of my accomplishments too, and by being a good person, I can be a good asset to the society which still benefits other people also. I believe that if you cannot use other people as a means for your objectives in life, then you can always use yourself. However, according to Kant, if a murder is committed, it is alright if other people would not object to it and they would benefit from it. But if this is for the welfare of one person only then this is not acceptable. An action is moral if you use another person as a means and the ends would also benefit the person and other people as well.

5. Mill I agree that happiness can make the world a better place. The good thing about happiness is that it is what most people actually look for. Each person has a different definition to what makes them happy, and indeed this is true, but when all happiness are met in this world, then theres no doubt that it will be a better place. From what I understand, he believes that the happiness of one person is not enough, rather but the greatest amount of happiness altogether. Therefore, in order to attain this, one must utilize the goodness of the individual in promoting the welfare of others. One good deed must equivalent to countless benefits. This principle is very common in a school setting. From my own experience, I remember wherein I was included in group of students who has to make a film for class. However, I was the only one student in the group who hold the knowledge in movie-making. Therefore, I made an effort to work for the group, utilized my talent for the sake of the group. As an end, every one of us achieved to get a high grade in class, and of course this made us happy. Happiness should be given freely all of us are bound to be happy.


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