Descartes Concepts

Q.1 Descartes set forth what we refer today as the scientific method. Explain Descartes method
Descartes, a free thinking rebel and progenitor of modern philosophy, laid down the foundations of scientific method along with Bacon and the Greek contributions. The scientific methods proposed by him served as a guide for the modern science to extract the clear, distinct from the obscure. He laid down four rules to reach the genuine truth, in the pursuit of knowledge. Doubting everything around, fragmentation, ascending from the simpler to the complex and finally a thorough review, not to omit anything were the foundations of his scientific method. Through these in his Discourse, he revolutionalized the scientific method.

Q. 2 Explain Descartes method of doubt
Descartes presented his Method of Doubt in his Meditations a work undertaken by him to explore the epistemological progress of an individual in a passage to attain true knowledge. The method aims at doubting everything, thus to reach that infallible, genuine truth which will appear un-altered from the crucible of doubt. Perceptual knowledge, material world and a Lord, all are doubted by him to find the ultimate truth free of doubt. He wished to defeat skepticism through this method of doubt.

Q. 3 What is Descartes Cogito And how does he come to this conclusion
Cogito is the Latin translation of his existences certainty he finds out in his Meditations work. Descartes structured his Meditations, in a way to be benefit from philosophy. He employed first person narrative and started his discourse with doubting everything. This doubt leads him to discovery of Cogito, eugosum. Implying I Think, therefore I am. He discovers cogito and gets his very existence certified through his method of doubt.

Q. 4 Explain Descartes Dualism of mind and body
Descartes 6th meditation aims to find out relation between mind and body. He supports his dualism with two arguments. Firstly, both are distinct, separate entities and secondly possess incompatible characteristics which defy their merging together. According to him, mind is existent and extended whereas body is non existent and non-extended. He left on more work on the future comers to explore the relation further between volition and sensation. His dualism did benefit regarding the certification of souls immortality and paving the way for scientists to carry on machinations with the separate physical world.


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