Argument for the existence of God

God is a supernatural being whom people belief He controls the universe. Human beings feel obliged to worship the God since He controls everything. However, there are some theorists who have criticized the theories about the existence of God.

Many people have tried to explain the existence of God using various philosophies. According to Harrison (1997, para.12) arguments for the existence of God come in many different forms some draw on history, some on science, some on personal experience, and some on philosophy. The manner in which the earths activities are operated suggests that there is a supernatural power that controls everything ( 2004).

According to (2004), there are two types of criticisms against the argument for the existence of God a priori and a posteriori. The priori argument suggests that such a being does not exist and there is a contradiction about the claims for the existence of God. The posteriori argument states that if God exists the world would be different from the way it is. The theory concludes that such a being does not exist. The theories suggest that if God exists human beings could be suffering since He could remove all the suffering that human beings undergo. Scientists have conducted various researches about the existence of God. They have developed theories about the automatic existence of nature and they have also suggested that there is no being such as God ( 2004).

God is a supernatural being who controls the universe and all human beings should worship him. However, if truly God lives, human beings could not be suffering the way they suffer. The argument still remains open since there is no actual prove about the existence of God.


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