In some parts of Africa, gorillas and monkeys are killed for food.  These animals are relatives of humans, and people would tend to think of anyone eating gorilla or monkey meat as a quasi-cannibal.  But humans are also animals, so eating even pigs and cows is like dining on ones distant relatives.  And if people develop an attitude of eating their own, even distant cousins, civilization will soon perish like the cannibalistic Mayas of Central America.  Therefore, people should adopt vegetarianism to preserve civilization.

Meat eaters are barbaric.  If a meat eater ever visits a butcher shop or an animal farm, he or she might change his or her mind about what he or she eats.  Farm workers grab a pigs head while it squeals for mercy, like a white man held hostage in Afghanistan begging the Taliban for mercy.  But they slice his throat or chop off his head.  Then the body is cut into several pieces, like the work of Jeffrey Dahmer or Dr. Hannibal Lecterthe cannibals.

However, some people may say that they cannot stand a day without eating meat.  If the mind is not subdued, as the Buddha asserts, a person is on its way to self-destruction.  Without self-control, a meat eater develops heart disease, cancer, and other fatal diseases.  He or she may develop strokes that may paralyze his or her body in whole or in part, leading to a life of pain and suffering.  Self control must be developed to preserve and maintain human health and civilization.

In the end, vegetarianism is not only good for ones health it is also good for societal well-being. Without it, civilization will perish.  


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