Stereotypes are oversimplified expressions over a group of people which is based on their behavioral characteristics and personality. The language is a leading aspect in stereotypes which is either determined in writing or communicated verbally. Stereotypes are expressed through the social beliefs and personal observation against a group of people.

Group Wise Associated Stereotypes
The spectrum of stereotypes is associated with some group of people as tattooed persons, politicians, senior citizens and feminists. The major reason behind the association of stereotypes against each group is individuals behavioral ethics which include politicians vows, tattooed persons pictures, feminists female relationships and senior citizens willful attitudes. These stereotypes are determined group wise as follows

Politicians vows to streamline the circumstances of a country and assure to regulate executive strategies which may help in the development of a country that are usually wrong, fake and useless because they forget everything after elections and do not fulfill their vows and thus, shamelessly, feel no regret of it.

Tattooed Persons are basically gangsters who form a group of people and become a hindrance for the social community by committing crimes and increase violence across the country. Tattooed pictures symbolize their identity towards a criminal group which is wiped off upon leaving a criminal group.

Feminists are butch that chase women as their life partner due to their extreme hatred feelings against men. These women are different in nature and get direct relationship and contact with other women. The mystery behind the fact is perceived to be liberty which they feel is completely lost in relationships with men because they believe that men bound women as a housewife and orders them to follow every command of husband interestingly or unwillingly. Feminists entirely depend upon themselves and arrange for their own food, clothing and accommodation and live their lives with complete freedom.

Senior Citizens are old people who reach the age of baby boomers. Some people conceive them as a heavy load on their lives due to their non-employment condition. They are usually slow drivers which are being hated by others. Due to their old age, they become stubborn in nature and thus, conflict with youngsters.

Positive and Negative Images of Stereotypes
It is pity hard to decide whether these stereotypes are positive, negative or both due to the fact that every politician is not a liar or cheater, every tattooed person is not a criminal, every feminist is not psychological minded and every senior citizen is not willful. The positive or negative image among politicians, tattooed persons, feminists and senior citizens can be visualized as

Politicians mostly reflect the same image on other people due to the nature of their political recognition which is termed as political seats that reflects positive image however, there have been some politicians who had worth their vows and are realized as hero of their time which means stereotypes are also negative among politicians.

Tattooed Persons are mostly gangsters who reflect a positive image on the stereotypes due to their criminal acts yet, there are many fun loving jolly people who love to get their face and body tattooed with a spectrum of pictures which reflects the associated stereotypes to be realized negative in nature.
Feminists are women who, inadvertently, reflect a same image on others. These women are perceived to be psychologically disturbed women due to their involvement in women relationships however, stereotypes against such women can be negative as well on the democratic basis which assures liberty among people and gives individuals right to everyone for living a desired life.

Senior Citizens reflect a positive image on others due to their behavioral stubbornness which irritates youngsters. Their driving is too slow which creates a nuisance among some people on the roads however, there is some fault from youngsters as well due to their negative thinking that slow driving is the act of a coward or lazy person but the fact is, it is wise to be a slow driver in aged position which will save the lives of senior citizens as well as others which may cause due to accidents and eventually, proved that stereotypes are negative too in this manner.

Reinforcement of Stereotypes through Usage of Rhetoric
Stereotypes are reinforced through the usage of rhetoric on politicians, tattooed persons, feminists and senior citizens as follows
For politicians, rhetoric is expressed as as liar as politician, politicians vows are meaningless, politicians are frauds, etc.
For tattooed persons, rhetoric is used as street polluters, vicious fools, hell boys, bad boys etc.
For feminists, rhetoric is stated as so you are a gay, lesbian girl you are, etc.
For senior citizens, rhetoric is immorally expressed as grandpa, stop that hell, get the hell out of my car, etc.

Stereotypes Originality Truth
Yes, indeed, truth lies among stereotypes of each group because many politicians have proved their natural attributes as frauds, liars and crooked persons. The stereotypes against tattooed persons are quite true because of their involvement in criminal gangs and lying on the street with amazing and horrible pictures which is usually seen on the faces of street punks. Feminists represent an unethical behavioral relationship with other women and thus, stereotypes are obviously true. Senior citizens insist on every matter and remain bound on their decisions which is perceived to be a straightforward clash, therefore, truth lies on the stereotypes that are associated with them.

Personal Judgment
The book Critical Thinking is written by Parker and Moore in 2007 which contains in-depth knowledge and many useful resources which could benefit the readers from individuals perspectives and personal experiences. Through chapter 46, I evaluated some of the main aspects of social behavior and ethical principal with respect to the rights of human beings which clarifies the significance of morality, sincerity and ethnicity. On the basis of stereotypes that are associated with politicians, tattooed person, feminists and senior citizens, I would express my perspective in the following manner

People should not be judged on their way of communication such as talking, behaving, representing, debating and challenging, but, people should be judged on the basis of individuals conception. One might communicate positively from his perspective and perception which is of course, not possible for others to realize the fact and understand the reasons behind such communication. Expressions can easily be viewed or represented but the rationale against the reasoning should too be clarified. In short, everyone should communicate (use rhetoric) and express feelings (stereotypes) for others with the judgment of same person thoughts, after which, the communication will be useful, fruitful and blissful.


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