He was the famous Greek philosopher. He was very much famous for his pupil Pluto, Xenophon and other valuable and precious sources. He effectively influenced the Romans too. He was well educated in the field of music, rhetoric. He was initially a sculptor and was enough wealthy. He served in the infantry of the Athenian military in the Peloponnesian wars. Socrates was very much famous in the field of ethics. His most famous writing was The Apology. He had very unique philosophical ideas such as ability of doing anything by an individual even when opposed by all others and let the knowledge persuade. He always believed that knowledge is just like a living thing and that is why he didnt wrote enough about his philosophical perspectives, his major emphasis was on the questioner method although the same questioner format was not available and followed at that time but he was always interested in questioning people about relating his philosophical perspectives. The major and primary issue of importance in the eyes of Socrates was only ethics and an ethical life. This great philosopher was truly devoted towards knowledge. The idea behind his devotion was that knowledge is the prime component towards any achievement. If there is knowledge then only excellence can occur. It was also forced by him that if a person has good or positive intention and thinking then he will always go towards positive things. He had a trial in the 399 B.C after which he was sentenced to death.


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