Job Satisfaction and Safety

One of the most important things that concern employers is the safety of their people, thus they take the initiative to provide health benefits, keep a safe and comfortable working environment, and assign people to ensure safety of all within company premises. In Greenberg  Baron (2008) the authors discuss the connection between safe working practices and job satisfaction. According to them, a great number of studies prove that high job satisfaction rate results in safe working practices. This suggests that while safety practices are being implemented, it is also good to consider the importance of promoting job satisfaction in order to make employees more cautious and avoid hazards and accidents.

Greenberg  Barons point can be easily interpreted using practical examples. For example, there are employees who meet accidents because their minds are focused on pleasing their tough boss. In this instance, the relationship between the boss and the subordinates affects the way people conduct their jobs. If the boss is mad at someone, that employee will suffer from worrying, and will likely meet accidents. Therefore, it is important to ensure good working relationship between bosses and subordinates. Managers should make it a point to resolve differences between and among their subordinates to ensure that each is working happily and mindfully.

In (name of company), it is easy to say that employees are highly motivated to do their jobs due to the assistance we provide to the public. The smiles, the hope, and the thought that we can help children in many ways inspire us to work hard each day. However, this is not enough to make us continue our apostolate. The good thing about our organization is that the people share a good working environment. We are open to opinions, and support each other in every way we can. There are times when jealousy arises but differences are easily resolved when we take time to go out and share bonding moments from time to time.


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