Argumentum ad hominem  an attack against a person offereing the argument to make him or her look less credible

e.g. I am not taking the job because I do not want to work with someone as evil as you
Argumentum ad baculum  makes use of force or threat against the person offering the argument to reject that argument

e.g. If you dont leave me alone, Im telling mom that you ate all the cookies in the pantry
Argumentum ad misericordiam  a statement appealing to pity to demolish an argument.
e.g. Please dont arrest me officer, I have five children, I really needed to rob the bank or else they would all starve

Argumentum ad populum  appeals to popularity or traditional institution
e.g. Come on, you have join the club Everyone in class is doing it
Argumentum ad vericundiam  an appeal to authority. It must be taken into consideration that not all appeals to authority are fallacious but it is those appeals to the wrong authority though would merit this fallacy

e.g. How could I lose the beauty contest My mother told me that Im the prettiest girl in the world
Silly as the argument sounds, it is fallacious because the girls mother does not have authority in that situation.

Non sequitur  a blanket term for all fallacies. Such are arguments that make use of irrelevant points to demolish an argument. The premises set for these fallacious statements do not strengthen the argument.


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