Essay Questionnaires on Ethics

1. What was the content of the coursetraining
The topics discussed in the two-year seminartraining delved on the extensive nature of Ethics.  Inclusive of the programs were several tenets encompassing the esteemed ethical procedures essential in working environments, corporate settings, as well as on a personal level.  Principally, the seminar benefited the participants with the knowledge that any societal environment, whether inter-personal or professional, should be exhibiting of the concepts of morality to have a clear definition between good and bad, dignified and dishonorable, and the venerated precept of justice.  Under the field of business ethics are several sub-levels which are likewise important in a corporate environment, such as Corporate Social Responsibility, the moral rights between corporations and shareholders, corporate relations among different companies, leadership concerns, and corporate abuse and crimes, among others.  

2. Based on content described above, what theories (rules, laws, principles, or patterns) are you able to identify
The two-year seminar allowed the participants to learn of several theories that are encompassed in the diverse field of Ethics. These include theoretical suggestions on how truth values can be established, or meta-ethics deciding on a moral path of action, or normative ethics applied ethics, which is concerned with the practicality of ethics on a given situation moral psychology, which is the course in which moral faculty develops and the actual moral values that people tolerates, which is descriptive ethics. With particular emphasis in business ethics, several fields are likewise essential in having defined ethical procedures, these include ethics in accounting and finance information, in human resource management, in sales and marketing, in production, in intellectual properties, in technology, and in ethics of economic systems.    

3. How have you applied the information from questions 1 and 2 on your job Give specific examples.
The two-year trainingseminar in Ethics allowed me to view the corporate environment as an appropriate occasion to observe and practice the knowledge I have gained.  It had effected me to make added assurances in ensuring that the accounting and financial statements of our bank are truly reflecting of the companys true value.  Likewise, I became more aware of the need for the marketing and sales strategies not to be overly concerned with gaining new clientele, but to instigate procedural goals that will not sacrifice the companys integrity.  Also, I was benefited with the deeper understanding of the diversity that is present in the company.  I learned that we are all a part of a dynamic team, with his own field of specialization, and who are solely dedicated into achieving a single goalmarket share leadership.

4. How can you apply (or have you applied) this information in your personal life and other jobs Give specific examples.    
By finishing the two-year seminartraining in Ethics, I was instilled with the proper ethical guidelines that had assisted me in my perception of the society.  Firstly, I have been made aware that ethics should be the guiding factor in ones personal decisions it should always be for the betterment of the society, wherein each member, however insignificant they may seem, should be accorded with the appropriate respect that they deserve.  Secondly, especially with my present job as a magazine merchandiserstocker, this newly-acquired knowledge had resulted in regarding my co-workers, irrespective of their socio-economic and racial backgrounds, as equals.  More so, it opened my views on the sad reality that is prevailing in the advertising industry, where often times the need for gaining the majority market share necessitated for these companies to result to unethical practices, of which I intend, in the course of my professional career, on not having a direct participation.    


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