Core Principle and Idea of Nietzsche

-our common notion of seeing right and wrong is flawed
-our common notion of seeing right and wrong today came from religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam
-it is flawed because these religions are limiting and suppressing the natural tendencies of human being such as sex, war, self-interest etc
-In terms of sex, Nietzsche sided for the ancient Greek orientation in sex that is more liberal and more open. Homosexuality is even rampant in ancient Greece and it is accepted in their society.
-for Nietzsche, it is unacceptable to limit the natural tendency of human beings

Disproving Nietzsche using Hobbes
-Hobbes argument will came from his work entitled LEVIATHAN
-in the Leviathan, Hobbes imagined a hypothetical society wherein there is no limit to the actions of human beings. This is comparable to what Nietzsche is proposing.
-in this society, anyone can  do whatever heshe wants
-in this society, there is no outside defining element such as government, moral system or religion that can dictate human actions
-this society is called STATE OF NATURE
-this kind of society, the state of nature is a failure
-the life in this kind of society is defined by Hobbes as short, nasty and brutish
-people will kill each other and will not be prosecute by doing crimes against other people
-after living the harsh conditions of state of nature, the people decided that they need to let go some of their rights to be able to form an entity that will safeguard them against the interest of other individuals
-in the book, metaphorically, this is the LEVIATHAN (a sea monster), this is Hobbes metaphor the creation of a government or moral system wherein individuals will surrender in exchange for the security of their lives.
-this hypothetical example of state of nature had proven us that Nietzsche proposed society that lacks the limitation of religion is impossible to sustain. His society can lead to another state of nature.

The Dark Knight
-I used this example to show how human beings can deny their selves (even at the cost of their lives) to be able to attain something that is bigger than life (life after death, non-guilty conscience)

-After we define Nietzsche and we found out his main criticism lies on mainstream religions limitation to our lives and instincts, we debunk it using Hobbes example of state of nature. If we are to follow Nietzsche proposal, discouraging the moral system of religions, it is possible that we can fall again to the state of nature of Hobbes. As we see, humanity cannot withstand the arrangement and condition in the state of nature. In this sense, Nietzsche proposal will fail because the society that he is proposing is not sustainable.


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