Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified A Speech Presentation

Terrorism is probably the most dangerous and deadliest issue that the world is facing at the present time. A lot of innocent people die and some get severely hurt as a result of multiple terrorist attacks. The physical, emotional and moral damages are oftentimes beyond repair and people are left screaming for justice. A lot of questions echo in everyones mind why does it have to happen Why do innocent people have to suffer the consequences How can the ones responsible for the attacks do such a thing However, it is hard to understand the reasons behind their agenda  whether it is for the common good of mankind or merely for selfish reasons. One thing is certain though terrorism is destructive and puts humans in an agonizing situation. Looking back at the forms of terrorism we have witnessed or heard all over the world  in Iraq, Afghanistan and the shocking 911 terrorist attack in New York among many others, can terrorism ever be justified

Terrorism in its broadest term can be defined as the unlawful use of violence, force and threats to intimidate or coerce for political purposes ( It causes a state of fear and submission. In most cases, it is inflicted by a person or an organization (terrorists) against people andor property with the intention of intimidating societies or governments often for political, religious and ideological reasons (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, 2009).

From this definition, it does not take a genius to see the negative implications of terrorism to the society we all live in. It puts the mankind in extreme danger and destroys everything that a lot of men had worked so hard for. Sadly, nothing is resolved from such evil act. Terrorism is just a manifestation in order to voice out or communicate demands and wants that, oftentimes, contradict the laws of the government and violates the rights of the people. Ruthless and notorious organizations resort to this act in order to threaten and force the government. The shocking truth is that innocent people are the ones who always end up as the victims of this injustice. This only proves that misunderstandings between two powerful and influential groups of the society have dangerous consequences. When one failed to satisfy the other or one had offended the other, a clashing of principles can lead to a deathly battle. Force, threats and violence are used as measures in order to show who is really more powerful and who is most likely to succeed in its mission.

Greed, hunger for power and wealth, abuse of authority and fighting for rights and principles are just some of the reasons behind terrorist attacks. Regardless of reasons, nothing can ever justify terrorism. No particular point or belief is reason enough to resort to terrorism. It is not a humane way to communicate, negotiate or express power and authority. There is no way to justify an act of terrorism because it violates the rights of the innocent people and demoralizes the country that is involved.

If we all try to look back at what happened during the 911 terrorist attack, it is so much easier for us to see a clear picture of what terrorism is. A lot of innocent people died  mothers, fathers, young adults, children and servants of the country. None of these people deserved their fate. No amount of sympathy can heal the wounds left by the 911 attack. Members of the families were lost, children lost their parents, people had lost their friends and many others were crushed and buried down. The entire American nation mourned. Many years had passed already but for those who lost their loved ones in that tragedy, the wound will never heal. The untimely and tragic deaths of their beloved will continue to haunt them. The 911 tragedy had created an ugly mark in the face of America.

If we read the paper or watch the news on television, we would oftentimes hear the words terrorist attack and suicide bombers. Such news causes a great deal of fear among people because they know that their safety is at risk.  Threats and news that are associated with terrorism creates chaos and panic among people and this is very unhealthy for the society. It can cause degradation and can affect the economy as well. The way people think and make decisions can likewise be affected. Thus it is important for the government to have sufficient measures to protect the people from terrorism as well as threats and other factors that are closely associated with it. It is necessary to be very well-prepared and well-equipped in order to fight off terrorism. The people should also be well-informed. It is their right to know on how they can protect themselves and what they can do in order to save one another. Moreover, promotion of peace and unity can help develop positivity among people. Resolution of problems should always be initiated by the government in order to protect its people and the entire nation. This is the biggest challenge that the entire world is facing at present  how to keep terrorism from happening.

It is important for two conflicting parties to communicate and arrive at a resolution to a problem. At the same time, it is always best for every nation to act prepared. It is also extremely necessary for the government and its people to unite. It is a challenge indeed and a very difficult one. However, promotion of peace all over the world  one person and one nation at a time  can make a difference. Unity, mutual respect and freedom can all help in fighting off terrorism. For every government, thinking about the welfare of its people above all things and setting aside all personal interests and ambitions can help in promoting peace and progress for the country.

There is really only one cause for terrorism. All of the many justifications for acts of terror all come down to this one thing. Terrorism is caused by hate. Virulent, vicious and vital hate (Devera,, 10). There is no single or concrete plan to completely eliminate it, but people and nations can always unite to go against it and fight for their freedom and safety.

Terrorism will never be justified by any reason or means. Communication between the governments of various countries, promotion of a peaceful and safer world, setting aside personal and selfish desires and fighting off discrimination and prejudice can also serve as inspirations to spread freedom and unity. We can all start by making the first step and by instilling the rights values to all the children who are the future of this world. Through joint efforts, cooperation and mutual and government support, there is a way to stop the growing hatred between nations, organizations and religions. Therefore, peace efforts can be successfully promoted to the rest of the world.


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