The Practical Theory of Philosophy

There have been many debates about the true meaning of knowledge and opinion for centuries.  In this essay, the difference between knowledge and opinion will be revealed as well as the views of David Hume and Immanuel Kant concerning knowledge.  References from the works of Adler are also included and emphasized in this essay.

The definition of knowledge is truth.  Opinion is defined as a belief, judgment or a personal view.  These two words have separate meanings and are most times confused with each others meaning.  David Hume defines knowledge as information that originates in our sensations.  Kant argues that knowledge is constricted to mathematics and the science of the practical and natural world.  According to Kant, it is impossible to extract knowledge to the spectral or supernatural realm of theoretical metaphysics.  Kant and Hume believe that knowledge has restraints on these other areas because the mind has an active role in comprising the characteristics of knowledge and confining the minds access to the practical dimension of time and space.  According to Adler, knowledge is truth and a well-found opinion based on reason and evidence that is redeemable.

Kant debates that components of our beliefs must be brought by our mind to experience firsthand.  According to Adler, truth is all branches of knowledge and they include
1. The addition of new truths to our existing body of knowledge.
2. The replacement of less accurate or comprehensive forms with better ones.
3. The discover and rectification of errors.
4. The discarding of generalizations that have been falsified by negative instances.
There are numerous forms of relativism which change in their degree of dispute. The term often refers to truth relativism, which is the doctrine that there are no absolute truths
i.e., that truth is always applicable to some particular frame of implication, such as a language or a culture                                                                                                    


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