Should same-gender marriages be allowed

Over the last few years the issue of same sex marriage has attracted a heated debate. The debate has been as a result of some individual getting married public to another person of the same gender. The paper argues that by same sex coupled getting legally married, the lives of the individuals is improved. The paper also suggests that allowing same sex marriage is lesser evil compared when there is no marriage at all (Rauch, pg 72).

The articles states that the law should allow individuals to do what they like whether good or bad to the society since the society has no stake in the affairs of the gay couples. There is no evidence that children brought up by same sex parent are insecure but there is a likelihood of the marriage providing better environment for the couples children. It is also argued that be allowing same sex couples to get married, their relationships becomes stable and what happens between the couple later is not in the interest of the society (Rauch, pg 73).

The article argues that it is better for children to grow in society with married gay couples rather than a society with gay men who are unmarried. Though the author acknowledge the fact that homosexuality is bad, he argues that making it will make it worse. No one is sure on the effects of legalizing same sex marriages. The issue may involve a minority today time may change everything.

The author relate the gay culture top the changes in the world such as introduction of democracy and capitalism. The gay culture has introduced freedom and the culture is growing with different societies accepting it at varying rates. There is no need of the society being against marriage (Rauch, pg 84).


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