Personal Reflection on the Notion of Gods Existence

Some people say that as years go by, church attendance has been continuously decreasing. This observation insinuates a lot of questions about the future of the church, the credibility of religion, and even the existence of God. Is religion no longer significant to people these days Have people lost faith or no longer believes in the existence of a higher being

In the past centuries, religion was one of the most important aspects of culture and society. Today, churches has become more lenient with its policies. Morbid practices done centuries ago where heretics and non-believers were being condemned and stoned to death are gone. People now enjoy the privilege of not hearing Sunday masses and other religious common practice without hearing any sermon threatening them to be dumped down to hell. A lot of youth nowadays commits common mistakes such as cursing and engaging in premarital sex without fear of any eternal punishment for their acts. The church has loosened its reins to its people, and some say that a lot of people, especially the youth, has lesser and weaker faith as compared to people during the medieval era. The claim might be partially true but it might still be valid to contest that peoples faith nowadays is still as strong as the elders of centuries ago. How so The answer is simple

People now may be more liberated in so many ways, but they still have their values. The modern church now has a more friendly voice it has become more of encouragement than sermon. And for those who still pray every night or in any points of their life, believes that they have a more personal relationship with God- a father, brother, friend. The idea of God or a higher being is now more personal.

The physical manifestations of religious practices may be continuously deteriorating, but the silent prayers and faith of people only proves that a lot of people still acknowledge a power thats greater than anything they can comprehend.


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