On Legalizing Abortion

Part 1 Thesis
Life is the most precious thing that is given to by the Creator. People start life by having their mothers bear them for nine months in which the connection between mother and child is experienced. After spending nine months inside the womb, people are born and they live the life that was given to them. But today, there are a lot of cases of unborn children all over the world. This is because of the procedure called abortion. Abortion is a procedure of terminating the life of an innocent unborn baby. More and more are considering undergoing such procedure, but they do not see the many concerns that could be associated to this procedure. The threat to legalize abortion poses great concerns for different complications a mother may experience. There are varied reasons why abortion should not be legalized.

The legalization of abortion goes against the natural law of nature. From conception until child birth is the natural flow of nature. Abortion is one way of going against the natural flow of  life. If the legalization of abortion would be pushed through, people will also go against the natural flow of life, and most importantly against the Creator himself who gave them life.

The process of abortion could also be considered as an act of murder. If abortion is legalized, it means that people would also legalize murder. This is just a simple association between abortion and murder, but this gives all the more reason for what will happen if abortion is legalized. This only gives more reason not to legalize abortion.

Abortion is a very complicated procedure that might give different complications. The risk factor is too high for people to risk their lives just to relieve themselves of the responsibilities that comes with the birth of a child. With the legalization of abortion, more and more lives might be put in danger. Legalization would give protection because of the law that will be provided, but it will not bring back the health or life that once you had. There are too many concerns that could be encountered after the procedure that no one is sure of its short-term or long-term effects.

Abortion is something that we must never consider as an escape plan from the responsibilities that comes with the birth of a child. Abortion in itself is an act of irresponsibility. The legalization of abortion will only make excuses for people to become irresponsible. People are taught to be responsible but clearly the legalization of abortion completely disregards the act of being responsible. This is something that will happen if the legalization of abortion will push through.

There are different things to consider if one is not capable of taking care of a child, not abortion, because clearly if abortion is legalized, people will go against the natural way of life.  People should be grateful for the life that they have received, this is something to be proud of and not to be disgraced about.

Part 2 Anti-thesis
Termination of pregnancy is also known as abortion. Abortion is a long-known act of purposefully trying to cease pregnancy and the birth of a child. Most may say that this is a heinous crime against the natural flow of life that is why it has been recognized as a  crime punishable by law according to The Journal of Philosophy by B. A. Brody. Abortion may be identified as a crime but some think otherwise, they see the benefits of legalizing abortion. This is what this paper will discuss, the side of the legalization of abortion. Abortion should not only be looked upon in its negative side but rather people should open their minds to the different benefits of this procedure especially when laws will govern this act.

Abortion is now often stereotyped with crime. Abortion is an act that can be said as a misunderstood procedure. Most news or articles about abortion tackle its negative side being a crime against life as said in Andrew Lansdowns Arguments Against Abortion . This gives more reason to create a paper that discusses more the benefits of the legalization of abortion rather than to always contest it. Without even knowing the different benefits of abortion, women still go against it. This clearly shows that the public is not evenly well-informed about the good side and the bad side of abortion. In fact, there are a lot of acceptable reasons that underlie the legalization of abortion as a medical procedure.

Most people tend to oppose to the legalization of abortion not just because they know those people who commit such acts will not only be faced with criminal charges against the law, but also against the law of the Supreme Being as mentioned in the journal entitled Religious views on abortion.  Religious beliefs give more reason for people to go against abortion and not talk about the legalization of the said procedure. This act is something not only punishable by law but also, as viewed by the religious people, a crime punishable by the laws of the Supreme Being. This makes it more of a reason why people do not discuss the matter of legalization of abortion because it goes against their belief. Now, this is something more powerful than the law mandated by the government it is the religious belief that is violated, that is why to avoid discrimination and to give respect, people comply with the morals of society.

In any issue or debate, one must first consider giving points and reasons to support their side. Both those who are in favor and those who are not are given the opportunity to give facts that support their points and give a thorough explanation of their points. This shows how a topic or an issue is discussed, considering both sides and understanding each points. This is the same as discussing both the sides of the legalization of abortion. There is both sides to this issue and people view this both side differently.

What this paper intends to do is to provide information on why to legalize abortion. This is with respect to the equality of information that people receive on this particular issue. This paper intends to provide information about the benefits of the legalization of abortion as a medical procedure to those who need them, specifically about proper screening and proper procedure. If the legalization of abortion will be approved, the act will be more safeguarded as a legal act and therefore will be more monitored and controlled.

Part 3 Synthesis
They say that a conception of a child is one of the miracles of life. For nine months, a mother  carries  and nourishes a child inside her womb and after nine months a new life is brought into the world. The life that one cherishes is something that is just borrowed from the Creator. Someday, somehow, the Creator will take that life back and people will cease to exist. But some choose to control life in their own hands by taking an innocent life away. This is a procedure called abortion.            

Abortion is a procedure that goes beyond the laws of nature and is a procedure that could bring further complications to both mother and child. Death is a natural part of life taking death into our own hands is something that should not be done according to the morals and beliefs that bind a society.

Abortion could be likened to murder as it is similar to taking a life, specifically in this case, the life of an innocent child. Some may say that a fetus still does not bear life, yet in fact, once a child has been conceived, life has already been created like what Andrew Lansdown said in his article Arguments Against Abortion . The fetuses are already human beings that people kill in the process of abortion, that is why this procedure is not so different from the crime of murder. Murder is an act that goes not only against the law of society but also against the law of nature. If murder is very much likened to abortion, we can say that abortion also goes against the law of both nature and society. People would not only be punished by law, but they would also be punished morally. Still, why do people undergo  abortion

Most people undergo abortion because of unwanted pregnancy according to Joyce Arthurs Legal Abortion the Sign of a Civilized Society.  Most children who are from unwanted pregnancy have likely experienced child abuse. Mothers who carry children that they do not desire undergo abortion to relieve the child of further suffering and discrimination in life. But what these people do not put in mind is the fact that the innocent life inside the womb could also experience suffering if they undergo abortion.

The lack of a sense of responsibility to raise a child is another reason that mothers consider abortion. People claim that a woman could undergo abortion if she is not yet prepared to take responsibility and raise a child. Being irresponsible does not mean that they could take the life of an innocent child. Abortion in itself shows how irresponsible a person is because of the refusal to take responsibility of a  child. If a person feels that she is not yet ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a parent, adoption is the best way to do than abortion.

Abortion is a procedure that poses different health issues. Abortion is the process of removing from the uterus the embryo or the fetus. The process of  abortion could bring different complications especially to  the mothers. Andrew Lansdown in his article entitled Arguments Against Abortion provided different short-term and long-term complications that one can have in  abortion.  Some of the mentioned complications that can arise from abortion are hemorrhage, infections on ovaries, laceration and punctured uterus. The effects of these complications are only short term. Most of the long-term complications of abortion pose a great threat. Some of the mentioned long-term complications are heavy menstrual bleeding, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and a heightened risk of breast cancer. With all these complications, both long term and short term, it is just to say that abortion is a procedure that poses a great threat to the health of a mother.

If abortion is to be legalized people will always consider this procedure, therefore violating the right of a child to be born. People do have a right to choose an unborn child could already be considered a living person, the only difference is heshe still has no voice. This does not make the mother choose for the unborn baby. Abortion should never be considered as an option for relieving oneself of responsibility. Abortion is a crime and a crime is never legal.


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