My Basic Vision of Life

I look at life as a journey. There are many small stoppages during the course of this journey like babyhood, childhood, adulthood and old age. Each phase creates new challenges. I need to enjoy every ride of life. I also see my life as a learning experience. Each individual has a unique identity. I can learn a lot from others and can leave a positive impact on the people whom I meet. Each day brings a new opportunity for me. I can take advantage of these opportunities to find my true purpose in life. I can determine my own actions and behavior as per my personal values and beliefs. My character strengths lie in self-confidence, positive thinking and living in the current moment. I feel confident to pursue my own dreams and goals of life. I adopt a positive attitude or can do approach and do not listen to my negative instincts. I never become anxious about future as I feel present is a Present  a gift of God.

My Core Values
My life gains strength from 5 core values. These are reading books for sake of knowledge, enjoying the natural beauty, help protect the environment, personal freedom and self sufficiency, living each moment of my life consciously. These values guide my behavior. I consider these values a stepping stone to success and happiness in my life.

My Most Important Life Goals
Moral goals I am committed to inculcating moral virtues in my life. These virtues are development of toleration towards all, forgiveness and love for all living creatures. The cultivation of these virtues can bring inner peace and serenity in me and in my surrounding environment.

Spiritual goals I start my day with meditation and prayer. I believe in life after death and the immortality of soul. Therefore I will continue empowering my soul through meditation.
Love goals I will prefer married life with one child. I will marry a person who is a good communicator, educated and has both inner and outer beauty. I will share intimate connection with my life partner. It includes physical, intellectual, emotional as well as spiritual intimacy. Friendship goals I will take time to appreciate relationship with my friends. I will continue making new friends as I love meeting new people. I will look for people who are supportive, have diverse qualities and get over disagreements without losing temper. I will try to stay away from those people who have destructive habits and corrupt my moral beliefs.

Education goals I will specialize in philosophy of education. I will attend courses and programs to learn educational concepts. I will also refine my communication skills as these are essential for a successful career.

Career goals I will pursue the job of educational philosophy instructor with enthusiasm and passion. I will apply different teaching techniques to teach all my students in an effective way.  I will also dwell upon my personal growth and self improvement through reading and keeping myself updated.
Leisure goals I will play guitar and practice meditation in my leisure time. I will go for sight seeing once in a year. I will prefer beach activities such as beach volleyball, speed boating, Windsurfing.
Health goals I will eat nutritious food and exercise regularly to keep my body fit and disease free. I prefer vegetarian diet to achieve higher level of health for my mind, body and soul. I will cultivate healthy eating and sleeping habits. I will not take alcoholic beverages and will stay away from any kind of additive substances that lower my consciousness.

Economic goals I will strive for a decent living. I will not nurture such habits that force me to live beyond my means. I will avoid exaggerated competitive attitude and be content with my income and resources.

Place -of-residence goals I will own a small but beautiful apartment that has all the basic amenities of life. I will not go for gorgeous interiors but will decorate it myself to make it cozy and elegant. I will prefer a peaceful area far from the madding crowd and with lot of green space.
Political goals I will not actively involve myself in any political activity but will support honest and worthy candidates to join public offices.

Autonomy goals I will appreciate self-sufficiency and personal freedom. I will choose whatever I think is best for me. I will try to be my own self.

My Existential Attitudes I will strive to bring in myself a sense of self esteem, a sense of fearlessness, toleration and friendliness towards others and a feeling of gratitude for the countless blessing of God.

My Rules for Sane Living
1. Start each morning with prayer and meditation I thank God for providing me another day of new opportunities, for leading me all the day and for raising me when I fall. I pray to God for providing me strength and courage to follow the righteous path. I meditate to empower myself to accept the challenges of everyday life.

2. Get Up Early in the Morning Early to Bed and Early to Rise. Take a shower and breakfast in a relaxed manner. Be confident, cheerful, helpful and patient while teaching. Behave politely and calmly. Never getting upset by imagined or supposed wrong. Never react in anger when something goes wrong.

3. Do things with Positive Attitude Adopt a positive attitude. Remember Winston Churchills remark Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

4. Dont get depressed when things go wrong Life is full of twists and turns. Being persistent in my efforts but not getting depressed when things go wrong. Someone has aptly remarked A bend in the road is not the end of the road... unless you fail to make the turn.

5. Develop Healthy Habits Minimize junk food and fried foods. Go for a walk in the fresh morning air. Staying away from alcohol, additive substances and non vegetarian food. These things lower my consciousness and make me cruel hearted. Going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday. Avoid watching T.V. and not to waste my time on social networking sites.

6.  Do on thing at a time  Do one thing at a time. Live in the current moment. Dont be anxious about future or repent on past decisions.

7.  Know Thyself Take some time to sit in silence and meditate regularly. Only in silence, I can receive the message of spirit and attain self-realization.

8.  Never lose Zest for life Never to lose zest for life even if I face constant failures. Dont let angry, rude or envious remarks of others affect my tranquility and equanimity. Remember two words Forgive and Forget

9. Be my own self Dont let materialistic desires blur my vision. Not to compare myself to others.  It will make me feel inferior or superior.

10. Before sleeping, reflect on the day Always reflect on the day before sleeping and take note of my shortcomings and mistakes during the day. Make a resolution to correct those mistakes next day.

A List of Things That Give Me Pleasure
These pleasures give meaning to my life and make my life colorful.
I. Relationships
Meeting new people
Discussing life with like minded people
Going on a retreat at weekends
Spending time with my family
Leaving positive impact on others
II. Pursuits of Intellect
Reading books
Writing for social causes
Attending classes for personal growth
Enhancing my communication skills
Teaching students
III. Pursuits of Body
Going to spa
Going to beaches
Speed boating
Playing Beach Volleyball
Bird Watching
Going on long Walks
Glacier tours
Watching the sunset over sea
Decorating home
Enjoying mild rain
Cloud watching
IV. Food for Body
Going Veggie
Eating out in a good vegetarian restaurant
Sitting and sipping coffee in my favorite coffee shop
V. Food for Soul
Sitting in silence
Developing ethical values
Finding answers to lifes questions
VI. Miscellaneous
Playing guitar
Reading philosophical articles about life
Listening to soul- stirring music
Growing plants
Keeping a diary
Helping others
Trying new recipes
Inspirational Quotes

If you dont get everything you want, think of the things you dont get that you dont want.  Oscar Wilde
Problems are the price you pay for progress. Branch Rickey
We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those who dont. Frank A. Clark
To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.Confucius
Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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