Finding Harmony

Two-faced politicians are often ridiculed together with governments that have double-standard policies.  And yet the same people who mock these politicians or governments are guilty of the same offenses.  Why is this so People often fail to see the multi-polar components of the Self and Other, which are integrated, interconnected and interdependent.  This failure leads to hypocrisy instead of integrity.  However, for those who understand the nature of the Five Elementsthe components of a persons mind and society as a wholethey will find harmony as an individual and as a member of a community, since these two kinds of harmonies are compatible and finding one without the other is impossible due to its interconnectedness.

The interconnectedness of the universe is explained in the Dao De Jing.  The Chinese believe in the concept of Yin and Yang, abstract representations of physical opposites in the universe.  For example, Yin is female and Yang is male.  Yin could also be inferior, negative, dark, passive and so forth.  Yang would then be superior, positive, bright, active and so forth, respectively. However, Yin and Yang are not static.  They are dynamic and constantly moving as portrayed in the Taijitu or Yin-Yang symbol found on the South Korean flag.  It is like a white and black fish in union or locked in 69 intercourse with each other.  The fish eyes also indicate that within the darkness there is also some light.  And within the light, there is also some darkness.  This implies that there are an infinite amount of combinations and degrees in describing Yin and Yang, which also interchange dynamically depending on time and circumstance while continuing to maintain wholeness.   This, of course, includes the alternating forms of good and evil.  As the Dao De Jing asserts, the Dao is Nothing and Beingone is the substance and the other is the function.  You can say that both come from the Dao.  They just have different names is all (Bruya translation 31)  The Dao De Jing then further explains When people realize what beauty is, the concept of ugliness arises as well.  When people realize what goodness is, the concept of badness arises also.  Being and non-being produce each other.  Easy and difficult create each other.  Long and short reveal each other.  High and Low support each other.  Sound and voice harmonize with each other.  Front and back follow each other (Bruya translation 32-33).  Indeed, just as men and women need each other, Yin and Yang go together.  It is not possible to eradicate one and maintain the other, just as it is not possible to completely eradicate evil and maintain only good.  While most people think that this is merely a philosophical argument, the Chinese believe that this is actually a real physical phenomena or natural force, not merely philosophical (St.Michael, Chapter 1).

In the same way, the Gnostic John explains the Dao using its Greek equivalentthe Logos or Wordin Jesus.  St.John describes Jesus as the Logos in John 11-5 In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word (Logos) was with God, and the Word (Logos) was GodThe light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it (New International Version).  Chinese Bibles translate the original Greek word Logos into the Chinese word Tao that describes Jesus duality (e.g. man and God), which seems to be contradictory from the perspective of his enemies (St.Michael, Ch 2-10).  Even until today, most Christian clergymen dont understand this concept of Jesus described by John.  The concept of the Word or Logos is a Gnostic teaching that is also described by Heraclitus of Ephesus God is day-night, winter-summer, war-peace, satiety-hunger, and it alters just as when it is mixed with incense is named according to the aroma of each (cited in St.Michael, Ch 2-10, p.72).  Heraclitus also mentions that the polar opposites of the Logos form one whole Listening not to me but to the Word (Logos) it is wise to agree that all things are one (cited in St.Michael, Ch 2-10, p.71).  Jesus also describes himself as the two polar sides of the Logos in Johns Revelation 18, I am the A and the Zthe one who is, the one who was, and the one who is coming, the Almighty (Gods Word Translation).  The Logos is also symbolized by the Vesica piscis (or Pisces) which is a diagram of two intersecting circles similar to the MasterCard logo.  The two circles symbolize the polar opposites of the universe, and the intersection at the center is shaped like a fish, which was used by the early Christians to symbolize Jesus.  Therefore, the concepts of the Logos or Word and the Tao or Yin and Yang are equivalent.

The concept of Yin-Yang in the Dao or Logos is further explained and expanded by Confucius.  Yin and Yang can be broken down into more detailed components called the Five Elements Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal.  Wood and Fire are generally Yang.  On the other hand, Water, Earth and Metal are generally Yin (St.Michael, Ch 2-10).  These elements are symbolized by the Wu Xing or Pentacle of Confucius, and it is an abstract representation of various elements in the universe.  For example, as Rodney St.Michael asserts in Sync My World, Wood is a representation of the male, Scholars, Yellow race, etc.  Water is the female, Shamans, Small Browns, etc.  Earth is the lesbians, the Social Business Class, Blacks, etc.  Fire is the gays, the Military, the Militant Business Class, Whites, etc.  Metal is the bisexuals, the Working Class, the Bi Military, Big Browns, etc.  All five elements are also within each person as described by Confucius when he was asked what a complete person is Someone who has the intelligence (Wood) of the wise official Zang Wuzhong, the uncovetousness (Water) of Meng Gongchuo, the courage (Fire) of Zhuangzhi of Bian, and the talent (Metal) of Ran Qiu, together with a knowledge of propriety and music (Earth), can be considered complete (Bruya translation).  The elements also form a pyramid hierarchy with Wood or the Scholars at the top and Metal or the Working Class at the bottom.  This idea is now accepted by Western psychologists.  Abraham Maslow stated in his Hierarchy of Needs that the highest need within each individual is self-actualization or ego needs (Wood), followed by esteem or superego needs (Water), social belongingness needs (Earth), security needs (Fire), and physiological or basic needs (Metal).  Again, since all these needs are within the individual, all elements are within each person in varying degrees and combinations (St.Michael, Ch 2-10).  The Wu Xing also forms a Star.  This symbol is seen on the flags of China, Singapore, Hong Kong and North Korea.  But the star within a circle is also used internationally elsewhere as political or commercial symbols (e.g. Texaco).  Each element sits on a star tip, and the lines crossing to other elements represent conflict lines.  On the other hand, the circle surrounding the star symbolizes the harmony between the elements.  They all form an interconnected ecological system.  For example, as St.Michael asserts, males (Wood or trees) need females (Water) just as Yellows are nourished by Small Browns.  However, the overwhelming presence of females may irritate males, just as flooding may destroy or rot Wood.  Excess Water is then absorbed by Earth, just as females join lesbians.  Fire in the form of sunshine can also dry and nourish Wood, just as gays using fashion or art may help males.  But wildfire will destroy the forest, just as gays or Whites intimidating males or Yellows, or the Military harassing Scholars.  Consequently, Yellows or males may build a firewall for protection.  Metal may also chop Wood, just like Big Browns using terrorism on Yellows.  But if done properly, they can be chiseled into fine furniture, just like Indian Buddhist monks training Shaolin martial artists.  This shows that in order to create harmony, there needs to be balance among the elements, not just within the individual but also in the societal elements.  Finding this balance or ratio is like finding the mathematical ratio (265153) of the fish in the vesica pisces which symbolizes Jesus.  John narrates the story of Jesus when Peter and his disciples were doubtful of his teachings and confused about the idea of the Logos and balance.  His disciples went out fishing and did not catch any fish.  So he called out to them, Friends, havent you any fish  No, they answered (John 215).  So Jesus asked them to throw their nets on the right side of the boat because they failed to think about balance and the interconnection between Them and Him.  Jesus then asked them to bring him the fish that was caught.  And the net was full of large fish, 153 (John 2111).  This clearly shows that Jesus, just like Pythagoras who had a similar story, was teaching the Gnostic doctrine about balance and finding the right ratio through the vesica pisces denominator153.    And since they are all connected to each other, one cannot harm others without also harming the Self.  And one cannot harm the Self without harming others.
  The failure to understand this integrated system of harmony often leads to hypocrisy.  For example, Republican Senator Larry Craig was known for severely criticizing open homosexuals and heterosexual offenders until he was caught by undercover police in an airport restroom soliciting gay sex with the officer.  As St. Michael asserts, Republicans are indeed Yin (general females), which includes Water (females), Earth (lesbians) and Metal (bisexuals or closet homosexuals).  Democrats, on the other hand, are Yang (general males), which includes Wood (males) and Fire (gays).  A Shaman (clergy) is also a female function, so male priests (i.e. Catholic) have been shown lately to be bisexual pedophiles or rapists while they preach chastity or sexual morality hypocritically.  And in the military, the issue of Dont Ask Dont Tell also shows the lack of integrity in government.  If they only understood that everyone actually possesses all genders, races, and classes in varying degrees within themselves integrated with others, then they would follow the Confucian Doctrine of the Mean or the Middle Way and be tolerant of others instead of swinging from one side of the multi-polar pendulum to the other.
This is why Jesus often rebuts clergymen who do not see that good and evil are parts of the same whole.  In Luke 739, he points that whores and saints are parts of the same whole.  And in Luke 530, the greedy and the honest can work together.  Rest and work are the same too (Luke 1314-15).  Furthermore, for Jesus, family members and strangers are all the same (John 75, Luke 819-21, Mark 331-34, Matt 1246-50).  Even a gay scene from a naked boy in linen (Mark 1451-52) was edited and cut out later by the Church.  It is now part of what is called the Secret (or Unedited) Gospel of Mark.  But clearly Jesus accepted them too because as the Logos, all elements are in him.

However, psychiatrists point out the schizophrenia (split mind) and bipolar disorder of Jesus for his contradictory personality.  One of his two faces says, Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. (Matthew 1034 New International Version)  And yet Luke 214 announces his birth through an angel with a message of goodwill and peace Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.  So psychiatrists such as Dr. William Hirsch comment on Jesus, believing that everything that we know about him conforms so perfectly to the clinical picture of paranoia that it is hardly conceivable that people can even question the accuracy of the diagnosis.  Some people think the same way about the Dao De Jing, but as it is said, they are both the Logos and the Dao, having all elements or polar opposites within them and others.  Just like men and women, they cant live without each other.
In conclusion, the integrity of the individual and community are not only compatible they are married in inseparable ways.  By understanding the interdependence and interconnectedness of the Self and Other, people and society can achieve relative harmony without hypocrisy.


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