The Holy Trinity and Humanity

The debate about the divine unity of God the father the Son and the Holy spirit has confused many people in the interpretation. It is certainly difficult to comprehend how three different entities become the same entity for that matter without conflict and still maintain unity and diversity. To explain and make comparison of the essence of the trinity to the humanity and the how the world behaves we have to think of the perfection of the trinity and the incompleteness of humanity.
Since God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is all God and Lord themselves, this means all of the three are totally perfect in their actual personalities and natures. (Bradley, 2008) this explains a union devoid of any material substance, which is prone to potency but explains actuality itself. The union between perfect beings can only be a perfect union that is divine. The perfect divine union is oneness between the beings involved. For there are three who bear witness in heaven the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit and these three are one (1John57). This is the chapter, which affirms the presence of divine trinity which means there is superior morality although it can still be practiced and perfected by people as the reason why they believe in faith is by striving to achieve the holiness portrayed by the Trinity which bounds altogether unity and diversity.

To understand this further, we may take the Son and the Holy Spirit as different manifestation of God rather than different entities meaning that there is one thing. However the practice of the society in todays world is far from achieving the unity and maintaining the diversity at the same time. An example is for instance how the Christian religion does not abide by the concept of unity and diversity. Christians have different sects and denominations which attest to the diversity and pluralism in the church and society at large and held by one Unifying factor in their faith which is the God but they still trade barbs and often leading to un -reconcilable disagreements due to their differences yet they are expected to have Unity. This puzzles many and it seems humanity cannot cope with its diverse existence and still maintain unity among them.  Comparing a plant and man may give us more insight into the above quagmire. A plant is a living being that lacks a conscious center a human being has one conscious center and is expected to be able to cope rather than fail to hold on to the example given by the highly acclaimed concept of trinity. Due to the perfect nature of God then he is actuality itself and thus forms. Form is perfect and hence we may consider God as having three centers of consciousness existing at the same time, although humanity and the world in not perfect its still expected to practice or imitate the way but unfortunately chaos and misunderstanding always rules.

Another front in debating how unity and diversity is very difficult to maintain in the world is in the cases of democracy which is practiced in many civilized nations. Democracy insists that any one is free to do anything as far as heshe is within the law it tends to respect diversity and preserve unity as the trinity prophesize to have the diversity and unity. However by doing  anything  in the democratic society there is a possibility of conflict of interests with others who for moral, cultural or religious values are not in agreement with such decisions this fractures the unity purpose and instead of diversity be a source of unity it becomes the epitome of conflict. The common law is in most cases superior to religious or moral issues. A good example is the case of legalizing same sex marriages or abortion in some countries. The result has been a sharp conflict and difference that has broken unity between those on different views about these topics. This is the weakest point of democracy. Libertarianism is a condition where everyone is set free to act within some law constraints this is the principle of acting in a democratic space and a threat to unity. It can be said that if we cannot unite, if there is no fraternity, it is because we have no equality we have no equality because our liberties are not the same. This explains that difference is the main cause of unity breakdown as explained below. In addition, equality where everyone has a feeling of satisfaction is good start to cultivating unity
 A diverse opinion is another threat to oneness or unity which acts contrary to the concept of trinity. In friendships or marriages where unity must have prevailed for quit sometime difference in opinions is the leading to the current high rate of divorce. In extreme cases, lives have been lost due to different opinions in that one feels to have a greater hand in a decision and cannot withstand any criticism yet they are supposed to have a unifying factor like God who in turn advocates for good deeds irrespective of their different backgrounds and opinions.

In comparison to the trinity Humanity has failed to withhold that doctrine and concept simply because of imperfection with human beings and the world which is the footstool of man is not expected to be able to act the way the trinity manifest itself.


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