Ratio Ut Vim (Reason Used As Force)

Sometimes people tend to look at things in a superficial manner to the point that they are governed and controlled by what they read or heard without totally understanding the repercussions and issues. Case on hand would the 911 terror attacks wherein the United States was quick to resolve that weapons of mass destruction must be dismantled and the political arm possessing it to which we now know as Iraq must suffer the penalty. Dissenting opinions on the matter stated that the United States should not have declared war on Iraq especially that the latters possession of weapons of mass destruction is unfounded.

Furthermore, the topic of great significance relates to the issue of spirituality upon which some people tend to think that the heavens and the earth are created by the Great Architect of the Universe and as such, we are deemed created from His likeness. On the contrary, some believe the notion that people evolved from a certain species and this came from the theory enunciated by Charles Darwin himself, and from this opinion, it earned the dismay and even disgust of many all across the globe. This topic has been so much controversial to a certain extent that I have given myself a chance to dig deeper into the issue and weigh in particular details from the different sides, and this process is known as critical thinking.
It is said that critical thinking is best understood as the ability of thinkers to take charge of their own thinking. This requires that they develop sound criteria and standards for analyzing and assessing their own thinking and routinely use those criteria and standards to improve its quality (Elder  Paul, 1994). From this definition, it gives us the concept of evaluating or pondering on certain issues and events. People who usually think superficially or those people who would rather retain information without critically thinking or pondering on it should instead think on how, why, or what are the issues being laid. On having to decide on a certain proposition, certain factors are relevant and material. These would be the core values that we have been instilled with during our formative stages and our experiences towards life. An example would be the faith instilled in us by our family and friends when we delve on the matter of spirituality and the existence of a Supreme Ruler. Others who have been born on the other side of the fence, figuratively, would argue that faith begins when reason ends.

Considering the fact that we are rational beings capable of thinking from our core values, it can gainfully be said that critical thinking plays an important part in our daily lives as well on our success by being keen on criticizing the details of an issue. It is on this that logic is not the end all be all. It is when we likewise believe on this particular stand that we shall compose our confidence and our reason shall be a force to reckon with. Ratio Ut Vim if people are to consider this important message of deriving issues, reflecting on it, accepting it on its plain sense, we can derive intellectual satisfaction from our every discourse. We should be aware that our opinion speaks of who we are as persons, and our opinions from discourses give others a hint on how deep, quick, and keen on how we think and resolve an issue. Moreover, it  what is it here, opinions Pls take note of the pronoun antecedent agreement ) denotes supremacy rather than inferiority that is similar to the adage  Knowledge is Power.  We can be harmonious in our relationship with others by according them with respect despite of our differences and clash of opinions. If this will be possible, we can attain a world ever fulfilled with intellectual zenith. Ratio Ut Vim.


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