Psychology gives us a deeper understanding of how we view the world and how we try to understand various concepts and behaviors. The way we behave is a continuous study. We can never stop discovering our own selves and the environment we live in. Let us go into a specific topic in psychology the creation of impression. Human beings and objects independently define him or her. Individuals give an opinion of how one perceives a subject depending on their judgment. The case study attached, we see that Susan has formed a sense of stereotyping. Stereotyping is a subconscious process wherein we identify label a certain type of characteristic that are common to a group of people. A good example would be the rockers. We perceive rockers as hardcore metal music loving individuals who wear dark clothing and pair them with luminous colors as well as a preference for piercing in different areas in the body.  The sentence that gave way that Susan was stereotyping came in the first paragraph stating, In general, the store hired people who were groomed and intelligent.
A large amount of research has shown that categorizing people activates stereotyping people. In terms of philosophy, this is a fallacy called generalization. Susan perceived the sales clerk as someone who was unpleasant for her perception and given her inference that the old lady before her looked like her relative, her judgment seemed biased to the old lady. Susan judged the sales clerk based on what she saw externally and forgot to consider the implications that may have caused so.

The mood of Susan may have also contributed to her impression of the sales clerk. When people are on negative moods, they produce a product that is even more negative. Anger, agitation and impulsiveness may have caused Susan to quickly imply on such a negative impression of the sales clerk. In spite of Susans hectic schedule, she made time to speak to the manager about the sales clerks displeasing behavior. This act of Susan may have been an act of assuring certainty and the defense of her ego. Copper  Hogg claim that acts such as the defense of ego becomes a motivational drive to invest more effort in asserting a certain perception of a person.

When Susan knew the reason for the sales clerks displeasing behavior, she became reluctant, as her basis for making such an impression of the sales clerk was prejudiced. She was not able to take into consideration the other side of the coin, which was the story of the sales clerk. There was a time when my mother hired a physical fitness trainer for me to help me shape up and lead a healthier lifestyle. I trained consecutively for three months yet I was always enraged because the fitness trainer would suddenly cancel sessions or not inform me beforehand. I would always find my time wasted waiting for him to arrive.

I felt that I had to inform my parents about his unacceptable behavior. When an individual promises to provide services, he must make sure that his clients go satisfied with his services. My fitness trainer and I started to have arguments over the past sessions. I could not withstand his late cancellations and no-show scheduled sessions. Later on, my mother told me that my fitness trainer was going through a rough time because his grandmother had recently passed away. He was still grieving and could not cope up yet over the loss of his loved one. After learning this, I mellowed down and gave him as much time as he needed.


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