How has this course impacted your critical thinking skills

It is pleasantly surprising that a single course can change the way in which one observes and understands the world. Since I have taken this course, I have discovered many things about myself and the world around me. This course has enlightened about critical thinking to a great extent. I am now more aware of daily occurrences, and I am able to questions the functions and procedures of different things in my environment. I have also learned to question how I operate in my daily life. This is largely because I am not able to question my own as well as other peoples ways of thinking. This is a very handy process because often people think and act without giving much thought to their actions.

The starting point of any action is the thought process though impulse is part of action. However, I believe that if people were to become more critical of their thoughts and thought processes, they would be able to change, transform or refine the way they think, and then be able to act.
I personally feel that I am now on a road to being able to the same. If I am now at least aware that I should be critical and question my thoughts, then I believe that I am on the right path to correct my thoughts, and also my actions.

Apart from my ability to at least question my actions, I think I am also on the path to becoming more consistent in terms of reasoning when it comes to my thoughts. I believe consistence is the key because it can prevent me from letting my guard down being consistent wont allow me to let any thought to go by that is driven purely by emotion. Therefore, I can assert that being persistent is an important part of being an effective critical thinker.


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