Gender roles are behaviors, attitudes, values and beliefs considered appropriate for either males or females by a particular cultural group or a society. Different societies or groups have different expectations from their males and females. It should be noted that gender roles affect the way we behave at our homes, in our workplaces and even in our schools.

I was born in America by a middle class family and I am a Catholic. I accept the fact that ladies are allowed to dress neatly but I am against their putting on of tight clothes as this exposes their body which may cause the men sin in their minds which is ungodly. I do not support the piercing of ears by males as this is associated with homosexuality and the Bible only recognizes the male-female attraction heterosexuality. Women should be careful with the people they hang out with and should not stay out late otherwise they may be seen as being disrespectful. In the church male priests conduct masses only as it this is supported by the Bible. In my opinion, the above values and others not mentioned should be observed for the smooth running of the society.

It should be noted that not all the societal values are supported by everyone. I am against the thought that male persons excel in certain subjects more than ladies and that ladies should avoid this subjects in school. I believe that as much effort can be put in by ladies as men and achieve the same. No jobs should only be retained for either ladies or males alone they should all be treated equally. Men should be free to take up secretarial work, nursing and teaching in the primary grades as they wish and ladies to pursue careers and research in science and technology as they may prefer (Rathus, Nevid and Rathus, 2007). Socially, males are the acceptable parties to make moves on women or to initiate sexual interactions while the ladies should be gatekeepers and should wait till they are approached (Rathus, Nevid and Rathus, 2007). This reflects on the fact that men are sexually aggressive and that ladies are sexually passive but I think all should be given a chance to exercise their desires as they may want to.

My family is one of the major factors that influenced these values I have developed. It was always there for me leading my way and taught me what is right and wrong. In addition, influence came from my religion which emphasizes on doing right at all times and giving an equal opportunity to all. The society can not be ruled out from these, it sums up all the other factors.


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