Gender Identity

The concept of sexuality is definitely the most complex and primal among all things. Primarily, this is because it is through sexuality that the human race is propagated. Secondly, sexuality claims the strongest force, after the urge to breathe, eat and drink. The complex nature of sexuality is seen in the observation that sex claims the least of human time yet, it presents the world the most complex problems. Among one of the challenges sexuality presents is that of Tran sexuality. This is in the light of the complex matter which has elicited debates concerning the identity of an individual who has undergone physical sexual reassignment against the persons chromosomal sexuality.

In such a situation, the individuals gender identity may still not have been altered, given that sexuality is underpinned by an array of factors. In this situation, the person may still retain her or his hormonal composition. For instance, the presence of the estrogen and testosterone in an opposing sex may make the man to be overtly effeminate and the lady to have more masculine traits.

Still, matters pertaining to physical anatomy may further complicate matters. Herein, the sonority and pitch of the voice box may play a role. The body frames around the shoulders may still betray the old identity. Above all else, psychologists maintain that both sexes portray a different way of reasoning and thinking. In this light, whereas the male sex is known to use the right hemisphere of his brain, the left brain is used by the female counterpart. According to Baumeister and Bushman (2008), Given that the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the production of speech, the female counterpart is always seen to speak more than men. Therefore, it remains an indisputable fact that in order to reassign ones sexual identity the medical practitioners will have to go beyond the groin area.


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