Engineering Ethics

The impacts of engineering work are covered in philosophy of engineering which is a discipline which looks in to the work of engineers. Engineering ethics and aesthetics are some of the subject highlighted in philosophy of engineering. Engineering involves production of artifacts through modification of the natural environment which consists of various resources. Philosophical issues also occur in engineering. The consideration of these issues is highlighted in philosophy of engineering. These include the ethics applied in the society and also in the workplace. There are normally standards which are set for engineers to adapt. These standards are highlighted in engineering ethics. Engineering ethics are applied depending on the services offered by engineers either to the public, clients or to individuals. The profession of engineering does not apply a uniform system and thus the ethics followed depend on the services offered and the environment under which they are introduced.

Engineers are involved in providing services to the society or public by devising some products. The products introduced to the society may trigger some issues which are unethical. The issue of committing suicide in America is very pronounced. Suicide which is way of taking off ones life is performed in various structures such as skyscrapers and bridges. Most people to undertake suicide frequent these areas and other tall structures where they jump off them. Suicide has been a major cause of death being ranked three to other causes of death. Bridges have been identified as major areas where accidents occur. Mostly bridges are constructed to enable passage through rivers. Whenever vehicles are over speeding or loose control, they end up breaking the guard rail constructed on the sides of bridges. Despite of these being unintentional deaths, it may prompt suicide. This is caused by the injuries succumbed by passengers and drivers forcing them to commit suicide. There are also cases in which drivers may attempt to commit suicide after killing someone else. This has been very prone whenever drivers are not ready to bare the consequences of accidents. There are also other scenarios where drivers take the opportunity of greeting their loved ones on the sides of bridges or skyways posing danger to other drivers and also road users. All these actions pose danger which contributes to loss of lives. Engineers have a role to play in discouraging or preventing these actions.

Engineers are directly involved in the design work of all structures which contribute to suicide cases. There are suicide cases which are carried out across the bridges. The guard rail placed on bridges is a contributing factors to most the accidents which occur across bridges. These guard rails may be constructed in such a way that they respond directly to the force impacted on them by the vehicles in case of accidents. There are various materials which can be used to absorb the shock of high speed vehicles. Air bags are an example of how force exacted can be distributed without causing harm. Therefore, engineers should take the initiative of fitting materials which absorb shock while causing no harm. It is the mandate of everyone to take care of his or her life. Most people who wish to commit suicide take advantage of constructed structures such as bridges, skyscrapers and also other tall structures.

Engineers should take any design precaution when designing any of these structures. Taking anything for granted may be costly. For instance, leaving open skyscrapers may trigger suicide. In designing tall structures, all precautionary measures should be considered. Windows should be left wide open but should be fitted with some interference such as grills. Guide ways should be well structured along stairs.  Leaving open stairs may be a source of attempt to suicide. Engineers should act responsibly when putting up tall structures as their deeds may be a source of death, for instance if a small child slips off stairways, it will be the failure of engineers. All engineering principles should be considered when designing the various structures offering services to the society. Some drivers act irresponsibly by parking their vehicles on the roadside prompting hazards. Engineers can discourage this action.

Drivers can be forced to streamline traffic flow by eliminating road obstruction. This can .be achieved by fitting prevention devices on the bridge or skyscrapers. Destructive devices can be fitted on road side to discourage vehicles from packing on the road side. It the work of engineers to ensure everything is taken care. Risking the life of others should not be encouraged. Rapid traffic flow can only be maintained if engineers act responsibility when designing the various structures. It is the moral responsibility of engineers of putting things in order.

Engineers are vital people in the society as they create solution to problems within a society. In creating solutions, engineers should not act irresponsibly costing the lives of others.  It should not be a rush event but a well structured job. This can be achieved by ensuring that everything is carried out according to engineering ethics. Conflict of interest makes engineers act irresponsibly and mostly when they are offering services to competing firms. This is normally discouraged in the professional code of ethics as the involved companies may end up sharing another companys secret. Putting in place the prevention devices to curb suicide may be costly to taxpayers.

The procedures and the suicide prevention measures may be very costly to tax payers. This is because the materials required and the procedures laid down require expertise in installing. Imagine laying air bags along all the bridges all over the nation. There materials are very costly as they require special treatment. Fitting skyways with suicide prevention devices is very costly. The taller a structure is the complexity in laying prevention devices. It requires expertise and costly materials. The cost of these materials is justified as the results achieved will be favorable. It is normally said that life can not be compared with money. Saving life is very crucial however costly it might be. Selling the ideas to tax payers is not a big deal.

Voters and politicians are very influential when it comes to decision making. Approaching voters and politicians is not a big deal as it only requires a convincing power. Engineers are much respected people in the society as they provide light where there is darkness. Imagine if they were no engineers in the society. There will be nothing like structures in our society. The work of engineers have made them being highly recognized as problem solvers. Public officials can deny anything beneficial to the entire society. It will not require tabulating the reason of putting in place the suicide prevention procedures and devices. The benefits and the cost of adopting such devices and procedures should also be analyzed. The practicability of the proposed project will also help sell the idea to taxpayers, public officials and taxpayers.

Engineering professional conduct should not be taken for granted. Despite of failing to perform as expected, engineers should not keep on changing. They should not be carried away whatsoever. This is because before an engineer settles on some suggestions, evidence should be provided and validated. Changing the logic formulated makes the society loose confidence with the engineer. It is like formulating an idea to solve a certain problem and then changing drastically. This portrays that there were no concrete research done on the subject. Before any subject is released to the society it should be screened. In case the suicide rate increases even after putting in place the relevant measures, this should not change the professional conduct. The views of an engineer are substantial and do not lead to change of professional conduct.

In conclusion, engineering ethics implies the conduct of engineers and the society. All engineering ethics are not the same. They depend on where they are applied and the clients involved. Philosophy engineering highlights on engineering principles. Suicide cases have been highly reported over the recent past. There are several contributing factors to these cases. Most of the suicide cases are carried out on tall structures which include which bridges and skyscrapers. Engineers have a role to play in preventing suicide cases by ensuring proper design. Installation of suicide prevention devices may be costly. Selling the idea to tax payers, public officials and voters may require a convincing power. Engineers are anticipated to provide solutions to problems in the society. Therefore, they will be taken seriously whenever they represent something to the public.


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