Decision Maker Flipping a Coin

It was 1100 am of one Saturday morning, I woke up with my head and body aching. I just remembered that I partied hard last Friday evening. As I opened my phone and I read my classmates text message, Go to exam early, we need to discuss something. Suddenly, it just entered my mind that I have an exam to a dreaded subject. I rush to the bathroom to get a quick shower.

When I am about to put on my shirt, I noticed the invitation card at the top of the table. Suddenly, I realized that my grandmother is celebrating her birthday today with exactly the same time of my exam. Her house is 20 miles away and since I was a child I never missed any of her birthdays. She is turning 83 and as far as I can, I dont want to miss her remaining few birthdays. However, I also need to take the exam it is a dreaded subject with a dreaded professor. I find it hard to choose between the two. Then I felt the coin in my pocket, this is my decision maker every time I cannot decide. I decided that if it turns head, I will go to my grandmother. If tail, Ill take the exam. I threw the coin to the air and when it fell I saw the head. I rush to the bus station to visit my grandmother.

This kind of decision making process that I have done is referred as Flippism. Literally, it is the use of a flipped coin or other objects such as dice to be able to come up with a decision. I do toss a coin whenever I cannot come up to a decision wherein my choices bear almost equal advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, I follow blindly what will come out of the flipping or tossing. However in some cases, as I flip or toss the coin, emotions or feelings rush to guide me what should I choose. Nevertheless, in the case above, I just followed what came out of the flipping.


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