Is God Real

There are those people in the world who even given sufficient evidence will never agree to a lot of proven truths like man visited the moon, the holocaust did actually took place or God in reality does exist. Such are those who hit their blind spot and negate the truth that God does exist. God exists because He is the one who flawlessly designed and created this universe. He is the one who makes this universe function perfectly every single moment. And He is the one who instilled rules of science, mathematics and morality in our lives. So there can be three ways from which can prove about Gods existence priori approach, posteriori approach and existential approach.  (Arguments for Gods existence, 2004)

If I look at the Priori approach which was an ontological argument by Anselm of Canterbury. Here we assume that the origin of God is so ideal that it is absurd to assume about his nonexistence. Here we say that there is no other being as perfect as God. And this perfect being does not exist only in thought. For the reason that if it existed only in thought subsequently then it cant be an ideal being as the being that exists in reality is the perfect one. Hence Anselm says that any one who fails to understand God actually is the one who says that God does not exist.

Because such a person does not think that any thing so perfect can exist in reality.
Another argument I favor of Gods existence is that comes from the Posteriori approach. At this point the ontological case can be prepared specially to engage senses. But the cosmological and teleological points of view call for a wary gaze at the humankind. The earlier one emphasizes on the reason, whereas the later one stresses on the design and creation of this world, humankind and universe.

One argument by early cosmologists was based on motion. Everything which is moving has to be moved by a different force. However this series of movers cannot as far as infinity, a principle statement, for the reason that then there shall be no first mover. Motion is the transition that is resulting from the influence to take action. As motion takes place in the cosmos it implies about the existence of a first unmoved Mover.  (Zentrum Publishing)

For similar basis efficient causes when seen working in this planet, entail the realities of a first cause that is uncaused. A first cause that comprises of in its own being the ample rationale in favor of its existence and that is none other than God. The verity that dependent beings subsist, that is beings whose absence is acknowledged as possible, means the survival of an indispensable deity God.

Epicurus affirmed this by saying that something apparently exists at the moment, and that something on no account sprang from nothing. For this reason, for there to be something to be dependent in this cosmos there has to be something that is independent, a being which is essential through every change and is time-honored.

Next argument that comes in favor of God is the teleological one. The great philosopher Voltaire explains it in quite crude words If a watch proves the existence of a watchmaker but the universe does not prove the existence of a great Architect, then I consent to be called a fool. Not a single person will ever refute that this universe appears to be flawlessly planned there are occurrences of intended order. Just about anyplace, one can find traces of being. This shows that the universe is meant to be essentially open to life, intelligence, behavior, and principles.  (Caputo, 2000) Existence itself has a vast meaning it is an extremely intricate collection of things which is both earthly and extraterrestrial.

A look at the creations around us can help us understand this point of view. See the Earth which happens to have a perfect size. Around 50 miles the Earths surface we see that there exists an atmosphere. Which is having the perfect composition of the gases that enables sustenance of life form on this planet. If this planet was any smaller than having an atmosphere would have been impractical like Mercury. And if the plant would have been any larger in size like Jupiter then this atmosphere would have had more gases like Hydrogen which would have created an imbalance on life at Earth.

Next give a look at the distance between the earth and the sun. If the planet goes any far away from the current location then everything would simply freeze and if it got any closer towards the sun then everything can just melt down. Yet a slight difference in the worlds location to the sun could create existence on world impracticable. And furthermore the world rotates on its axis at a constant speed every single moment and this allows every part of the world to witness a day and night every 24 hours.  (Dembski, 2004)

Further, the moon serves as the perfect satellite for our planet. It also has a perfect size and location from earth. And this size and distance helps the moons control the movement of the waters and oceans on earth. Neither has it let the water stay still and not does it let the onerous oceans flood over our land. Not just this if one sees at some more interesting realities of life, and then it would not leave any doubt in mind about the existence of some supreme deity which is running all this system smoothly.

Look at water. Its a liquid that has no color or odor or taste. And yet our survival without it is impossible. And even the composition of life be it human, plant or animal is not complete without water. Water has got the most interesting characteristics. Some one who created water knew is usage for the human life. And so it made water a universal solvent. This allows numerous nutrients, minerals and chemicals to be dissolved in it and be carried in our body and blood vessels.

Further, water is neutral in chemical nature. It enables minerals, nutrients and medicines to be absorbed and used by body without even disturbing the composition of those substances. Water has unique boiling and freezing points. It freezes from the top towards the bottom and floats at the same time. This allows the aquatic life to survive in water in winters. Hence if we look at it most of our life seems chaotic and uncertain. But if we look at the laws of nature we see that they are so orderly and never seem to change.  (Jacoby, 2004) These things remain the same every single moment the earth rotates at the same speed, the force of gravity remains constant, the speed of light is the same a hot cup of tea if left for sometime will definitely get cold.

If one looks at the way the human brain and cell behaves this will further explain the reality of the fact that someone has very intricately designed its functions. The human brain is the fastest processor there. It simultaneously processes in millions of messages colors, objects, shapes, temperature, sound, touch and also emotions, memories and thoughts. Then the brain also keeps control over involuntary functions like our breathing, digestion, secretion, muscle movement and coordination.

The brain is able to screen out all the important data from this information overload it is exposed to it allows the individual to focus and operate with efficiency and effectiveness. Hence, the brain makes us think, reason, believe, dream, plan, execute and relate to everything around us. And even the greatest scientists have failed to replicate any thing even a slightest fraction similar in nature.

Gods existence can be seen from the fact that how amazingly programmed is the information manual in our human DNA. The DNA is found in every single human cell. It acts like an instruction, teaching and training manual for the cell. But the incredible part is the complexity and detail with which it is written. Each DNA code is made of letters A, C, G and T which in actual are abbreviation for four chemicals found in DNA. These letters are arranged like a computer program in a cell like CTATGGTTCGAAT and so on. Moreover there are about three billion such instructions programmed in each human beings cell.

Whats leads us to think about God existence here is that how did such information enter each cell. As these are not only chemicals but they are chemicals which actually instruct and guide with utmost accuracy how each humans body should behave. And the scientists fail to give an explanation for the natural and biological reasons behind these instructions. And one cannot ignore that such accurate and precise information actually exists because some being had intended to purposely create them.

So even the greatest mathematicians, theologians and scientists fail to understand that why is there such order and uniformity in the laws of universe. There is no rational obligation for a universe that acts upon a set of laws, let alone one to facilitate and comply by the set of laws of science and mathematics. And it is much simple to envision a world in which circumstances transform erratically from minute to minute.

The last approach that propagates in favor of Gods existence is the most recent existential approach. This approach says that an individual is able to experience the presence of God by their own personal and direct experience of life. Here one is not actually arguing or debating with some facts as you cannot argue or debate for some thing that you can actually personally experience.

This moral argument is based on the plain truth of ethical and moral familiarity. These demands to perform ones responsibility at times are sensed as powerfully as the force of a realistic entity. But the question is that what or who actually the cause behind this is pressure and demand. It is not sufficient to pronounce that individuals are habituated by culture to sense these pressures. Quite a few of the best moralists in the past have attained reputation specifically for the reason that they disapproved of the ethical flaws of their crowd, clan, group, family, or people.

It is not that sense of right and wrong, as such, comprises of a direct experience or gut feeling of deity as the writer of the ethical rule. But with the aim of, captivating mans logic of ethical accountability as an experience to be enlightened, no eventual justification can be known apart from by assuming the continuation of a greater and better being that man is bound to conform to.  (DSouza, 2007) Hence, as the concept of design exposes significantly the characteristic of intellect, similarly the case from science exposes the characteristic of sanctity in the former reason and self sustainable individual through whom humans have to at last recognize as the Creator, Ruler, Designer and the Lawmaker.

Hence this reason who is the Supreme deity is not beyond understanding. But this is identified with conviction not merely to continue living. But to own in that being at a superior level whatsoever magnificence, power, or additional flawlessness are recognized in that beings workings. To facilitate this reason is achievable by an accurate implementation of individual rationale, devoid of allusion to paranormal disclosure. (Collins, 2006) And those theorists consequently who are capable enough to understand the humanity theologically, are unforgivable for their lack of knowledge of God their loss is actually due to somewhat to short of good spirit than to the incapability of their minds.

Once again I go back to the case of design. Look at the human eye, for example, as an organ of vision is an obvious personification of intellectual reason.  (Davson) So if we view it as the creation of progression and evolution rather than the direct achievement of the maker. Here is no alternative in such situations and the irrationality of guesswork that our eye was created unexpectedly by a lone blind likelihood is amplified a hundred times by signifying that it may be the produce of a continual succession of such odds.

The terms like survival of the fittest, natural selection and other similar terms just are actually describing some stage in the assumed process of evolution. And it does so without serving the least to clarify it. In contrast to teleology it means nothing other than a simple occurrence or probability.  Hence, the eye is just a single example of the myriad instances of alteration to meticulous objects apparent in each division of the cosmos, lifeless as well as natural.

For the tiniest form of particle which is the atom as well as the smallest form of life the cell adds in to the confirmation offered. Nor is the debate destabilized by incapability of the human reason in many scenarios to make clear the particular reason of particular structures or creatures. The humans understanding of environment is too narrow even measure the perfection of entire plan made by the nature.  (Samples, 2004) While as opposed to our lack of knowledge of a few particular purposes we are at liberty to uphold the assumption that if aptitude is anyplace obvious it is prevailing universally.

Furthermore, in our hunt for meticulous occurrences of design one should not neglect the proof given by the unanimity of life. The cosmos is actually an immensely multifaceted scheme of connected and mutually dependent parts.  Each is subjected to thorough regulations and all collectively subject to a universal rule or an amalgamation of rulings. And it is plainly beyond belief that this huge unison ought to be the creation of probability or chance.

Hence to prove the perpetuity of this universes creator it is essential to go down back to the universal case already made. For the reason to be clarified, underneath which perpetuity is incidental from self sustenance. Lastly by means of straight answer to the dilemma recommended by the opposition. It is to be practical that one makes an effort to understand fully the proof for design. Think about the past stability of nature all through indefinite times in the history and indefinite times yet to come.

So one cannot understand the complete capacity of the plan made by nature, as it isnt a stationary universe one has to learn off but it is a cosmos which is increasingly describing itself. Plus is heading forth the accomplishment of a definitive point under the control of a supreme being. In addition to that goal the flawed as well as the ideal the evident sin and disagreement as well as understandable superior order may give in ways which one can but indistinctly discriminate. For that reason, to envisage God as being present only in the human mind and not in actuality escorts to a reasonable incongruity this proves the reality of God equally in the individuals mind and in certainty.


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