Running head PHILOSOPHY.

Complex machines are functional devices that help people. Every one of us needs machines or devices in our daily life. Although they are very useful to people altogether, it does not mean that the approach to them when it comes to the moral status is the same that to the people. They have no feelings. For example, destroying a machine does not harm it. No violation will be charged against anybody when heshe disassembles it. This is not similar to the people because human beings have the ethical rights thus when they are violated it can lead to hearing.
It is a clear fact that it is wrong to murder human beings because they have the moral reputation and human rights. But the machine has no life thus when somebody turns it off, there is no rule being violated. No one will be put to jail just because its plug is removed from the outlet.
Machines have no mind to reason out when somebody is overusing it. But if the people are abused whether physically or mentally, they can refuse. This act can never be done by machines unless they are operated by the people.
All the examples that I have mentioned will never affect the complex machines nor will have a negative effect to them. But for the owner of the machines, all the unnecessary things that have been done to his machines will be very painful. If they are overused and handled improperly, it shows that the privacy of the owner is being dishonored. That is why, for the human being, everybody must treat the machines as if it is an individual just for the sake of the person who owns it.
    As a whole, though machine is only a device, it also needs care while handling it not because it has the moral rights and reputation but because the owner of it has. Respect, concern, love and responsibility are necessary if you are using a machine.


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